More – Monitor If Your Site Is Up Or Down

  • October 8, 2010

Monitorius.comBeing a webmaster and leading a “normal” life (IE going out with friends, the missus, the kids…) are two things that don’t mesh that well together. Accidents always happen, and sites go down in the most inopportune of moments.

And you can’t fish out your smartphone every five minutes to check if your site is up or down while you are shooting the breeze with your friends, or at a restaurant with your family. It just doesn’t come into the picture. It’s much better to rely on a service like the one being reviewed right now, and be informed if something has gone wrong instead of checking yourself every couple of minutes.

Monitorious can take care of HTTP, TCP and Ping monitoring and send you an instant alert in the event something has gone wrong. And you can receive these notifications in three different ways: via email, IM and SMS.

In this way, you are effectively “subscribing” to your downtimes and keeping any possible problem from running rife and damaging your brand or company forever.

Monitorious is a paid service, with both a “Basic” and a “Premium” plan being offered. Each one comes with a different number of monitoring sensors and text messages. And a free plan is also available for you to test the service. You will be able to monitor one host through it.

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