11 Ideas For Financing Your New Company

  • May 13, 2013

Many successful “startups” were actually consultancies that went into product building (37signals, MetaLab, etc.). Use consulting to pay for the development of your products. You’ll never have to go into debt, and if you create a product that ties into your consulting, you’ll be your own best beta tester…


Can You Make Money With Your Old Podcasts?

  • May 7, 2012

If there is one thing that social media has taught us is building relationships creates a long lasting customer base. These relationships are built on interaction and podcasts give you the opportunity to say what you want directly to your customers. Creating podcasts is a very easy process but creating content that is engaging is another matter entirely. You don’t want the content you create to be used as white noise for falling asleep. It takes a lot of practice and experience to say what you want to say and get it across to your audience.

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More – Bigger ROI From Facebook Ads

  • March 5, 2012

GraphScience.comYou don’t need to have aced all your tests at school to know that there’s a lot of money to be had if you use Facebook to market your products correctly. The money’s there, and if you’re not getting it then somebody else is doing it. All you need is the right help and assistance to reach out to your target audience, and hitting everybody where it counts. And that’s exactly what a company like GraphScience is here for. It has been around since 2010 (the year it was founded), but it wasn’t until last week that the company officially launched. The technology it uses taps into the Facebook ads API, and it helps you optimize the money you spend on social network marketing by telling you which users you should be targeting. GraphScience can look at what people “like”on Facebook, and serve them ads they should also find appealing (IE, yours).

GraphScience already works with companies like Macy’s, Zales, Williams-Sonoma and Jcpenney, and the site reports that its customers have seen an average 4-8 increase in their ROI from Facebook ads.

You can get started by signing up for the service here. In addition to submitting all the obvious information about your company, you have to specify how experienced you are when it comes to Facebook ads, and set down your social media marketing goals.

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More – Share Content Online

  • December 7, 2011 has just been released to try and give these publishers looking for alternatives to services like AddThis and ShareThis better revenue opportunities. Publishers that go for are provided with advanced analytics and tools for driving more people to their sites, for less than it would cost them if they tried to do it by any other means. can show display ads when a user has shared content, for example, and the publishers are the ones keeping 100 % of the revenue coming from these ads. And they can also tap into the company’s list of advertisers to fill their remnant inventory, by paying less than they would if they tried to fill it from conventional exchanges.

And as far as members of the public go, then this is a service that lets you share content all over the Internet in one click. You can have content posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon in seconds. You can even have your content shared via email. has been created by RadiumOne, an online ad network that recently made headlines when it released a group messaging app named PingMe.

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More – Buy Game Traffic

  • September 15, 2011

Ludus.netA premium online affiliate network, Ludus lets game developers who need more people to play their titles find exactly that, in a really uncomplicated way. On affiliates, developers, advertisers and service providers can interact and do businesses in a way which is meant to be advantageous for just everybody.

The ones who need game traffic are enabled to get people who would be willing not just to install their games but also stick to playing them, whereas those who happen to have traffic and need a way to monetize it will be matched with these games that have the best conversion rates.

Ludus specifically targets social games for Facebook, and the company takes care of selecting only games that come from reliable publishers and developers. It also keeps a constant eye on Facebook’s ever changing regulations, so as to prevent its clients from running into unnecessary complications.

In any case, it must be mentiond that open web games are likewise taken into account. Facebook is what this company specializes in, but it can tackle just all kind of online games. Just get in touch to see what the Ludus folks can do for you.

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More – Build Your Very Own Mobile App

  • July 28, 2011

Appscend.comAppscend is one of these services that help the creative kind have their ideas turned into something tangible, no matter how unique, novel or even zany they are. Specifically, Appscend lets people create mobile applications without needing to know how to code anything. On Appscend, everything is handled using a neat web interface and the simplest markup language. Once one has mastered the rudiments of the system, an app can be designed, built and deployed within hours. And once the app has gone live, then how warmly (or not) it’s being greeted can be determined thanks to the featured analytics.

These will let the creator analyze the evolution of his app, and figure out how effective any campaign that he has launched has turned out to be. And Appscend also offers monetization services, so those of you who have an idea for an app that people would actually be willing to shell good money for will have all your needs covered here.

Services like this one are really popular right now. Appscend joins a scene that’s getting really packed, and where one can already find services such as Appsbar and

AppForMe all neatly lined up.

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More – Make Videos Go Viral

  • May 17, 2011

WingsPlay.comVideo advertisers looking for a way to put their marketing efforts in overdrive, look no further than this site. WingsPlay is a platform that connects creators of video ads with influential social media users. The latter are encouraged to share the videos created by the former by receiving a fee each time anything they share is watched. That fee amounts to 10 % of what friends are actually making themselves for sharing these particular pieces.

So, it is all a big chain. The name of the game here is sharing and resharing as much as possible – that is the only way in which users and their friends/followers will get to see some above-marginal income.

In any case, estimating how much one could earn through such a system is really easy since the site comes with a calculator for figuring that out. Try it out – even if you do not plan on joining the site, it is always tons of fun to have some sort of objective measurement of how popular and influential one really is on Facebook.

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More – Monetize YouTube Videos

  • March 14, 2011

VideoClickAction.comVideo Click Action is a platform for the monetization of YouTube videos. Using it is really simple, as all you have to do is pick a product (or a series of products) that you want viewers to be presented with when watching the video. Two different visualization options are provided, as products can be displayed automatically as the video is running, or they can be revealed at the discretion of the viewer by clicking on the icons that will become integrated into the video.

You (the blogger or webmaster) will pick the products to be displayed straight from Amazon. Which is just great – there are few online retailers that have a larger product database than Amazon.

The Video Click Action service is implemented by embedding a string of code into your blog or site. And that can be done for free right now. The service will most likely become a paid one in the future, so if you want to try it out this the perfect time to do it.

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More – Make Money With Your Site

  • March 8, 2011

TurboLanding.comLooking for a way to make more money from your website? Well, Turbo Landing is the one online application that you should give a try. It will let you use no less than 13 different visual promotion components to get through to your visitors more effectively (and increase conversions as a result), and you will be able to keep track of the way in which visitors are interacting with your content via heat maps and detailed analytics.

In this way, measuring the efficacy of any component becomes an instant task. You can see how it is attracting people and make them stay longer on your site, and if the results are not what you were expecting then you can simply proceed to try another component (and then another, and another) until you have found the one that leads to better conversion rates.

The provided components will let you see which sections of your site drive people away from it, and have these improved so that visitors stay longer. And Turbo Landing can also keep people from leaving by showing them strategic messages.

Turbo landing can be used for free to begin with, and if you want to promote/track more domains than one at once you can sign up for any of the several premium accounts that are offered. Paid plans also come with HTTPS access, and the data that has been tracked remains available for much longer (up to three months).

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More – Monetize Your Mobile App

  • February 3, 2011

AppSplit.comAppSplit is a new kind of marketplace. On this site, the exclusive rights to different mobile applications can be bought and sold. People like you and me are given the chance to bid on all the latest (and hottest) apps that are released, and developers get to have a much faster return on the investment that they have made.

Additionally, the site offers a split program for developers to let go off the management of their applications, but still get an income from them. This split program basically lets you enter into a partnership agreement with the company whereby it takes care of managing, promoting and supporting your application. The income generated from sales is then shared with you.

You can choose the length of the agreement itself – options range from 6 months to five full years. The income is split differently in each and every case. For example, if you go for the 6 months contract the company keeps 70 % of the income that is generated, and you receive 30 %. And if you go for a five-year contract, there will be a 40/60 split in your favor.

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More – Create Android Apps From Web Content

  • January 30, 2011

AppsGeyser.comWe can define AppsGeyser as a platform that makes it possible for anybody to create an Android application by using any kind of web content. Such an application will be usable on all Android devices currently on the market, and the app itself can be created using HTML, Javascript of Flash. That decision will be entirely up to you.

Something really commendable about AppsGeyser is that users are given the freedom to create apps by using specific parts of websites, not just RSS feeds (as it is often the case with comparable services). And it is even possible to create apps from your own web widgets, or from any Twitter widget.

Plus, the fact that webmasters who use AppsGeyser will actually be paid every single time people click on the ads which are featured when the app is running make the whole platform stand all the more interesting. They will basically be monetizing their web content in a different setting, and generating an income that can be far from negligible.

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More – Publish Videos On Your Site

  • January 20, 2011

Playwire.comPlaywire is a new video platform that webmasters can use in order host video content and monetize it. Playwire actually offers just everything in the same package: encoding, hosting, content management, analytics, syndication and monetization. A centralized dashboard will let you keep track of all the operations associated with managing the videos themselves, and seeing who has seen them, when and for how long.

You are going to be billed based on how you actually use the platform. That is, you will pay according to the amount of data that you transfer. Roughly-speaking, 1 GB of video tends to equal 100 minutes. And a free plan is also provided, letting you stream up to 2 GB of video, and store up to 50 separate clips.

The videos themselves are be streamed using a player named Bolt Player, and this can be customized at will. You are allowed to modify the way it looks, and you are also able to use several add-ons in order to unleash a fuller range of playback options.

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More – Compare The Prices Of Textbooks

  • January 3, 2011

Textbo.orgTextbo offers a white label solution for the building of price-comparison engines for textbooks. Schools and organizations such as sororities and fraternities will be able to have one such site built, and help students save on one of the main expenses they always strive to meet. And they will also generate an income – each time someone purchases a book, the publication partners and affiliates will pay them between 7 % – 15 % of the purchase price.

These partners include Amazon, Better World Books, CampusBooks, Audible and Such a list of renowned partners also ensures the efficacy of the searches themselves, of course. The student who looks anything up through such a site is more than likely to find what he needs, at these prices he can afford. And the accuracy of the information that is featured is further ensured since everything is collected in compliance with the US Higher Education Opportunity Act 2008.

Textbo is actually a college-founded startup. It has already launched successfully in more than 20 schools the width and breadth of the country.

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More – For The Monetization Of Video Content

  • December 14, 2010

Casmiro.comCasmiro is a platform for the distribution and monetization of video content. Through this site, independent filmmakers can upload, price and sell their works on Facebook and related social resources. This is accomplished in a really practical way – the Casmiro player can be embedded just anywhere, and it can be resized to fit just any environment. Plus, it can be branded to give viewers a better idea of who the filmmaker is, and what he wants to convey.

The really interesting bit, now, is that payments can be made right through the video. People have to go nowhere else to buy it and begin having it displayed on their own sites. Videos are bought on the spot, and payments are processed through Amazon.

In this way, the playing field becomes more levelled. Young and independent filmmakers are given a ready chance to show the world what they can do, and begin making a name for themselves. And every bit as important, they can also begin generating an income as they are doing so.

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More – Turning Forums Into Communities

  • September 23, 2010

Huddler.comHuddler is a white-label solution that can be used to turn any forum into a fully-fledged community. By using Huddler, all the data that has already been exchanged by users can proceed to be migrated and then fortified by features such as reviews, wikis and an enhanced search tool.

Also, the aesthetics of the forum itself are completely overhauled.

In that sense, it can be said that Huddler gives sites a complete facelift that is accompanied by a minute rearrangement of content, making it more findable, more readable and (as a direct result) more monetizable.

If you think about it, the number of people who are currently interacting through forums is nothing short of colossal. It couldn’t be otherwise – forums have been there for years and years. Many people got their first samplings of online interaction through them. And they have actually stuck to them, even when other platforms have become available. Huddler offers webmasters the best opportunity ever to capitalize on these enormous databases. And users have nothing to complain about – they will become capable of interacting one with each other in ways that weren’t previously possible.

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More – A Platform For Monetizing Videos

  • September 17, 2010

GetMonetizer.comLooking for ways in which to market and sell your very own video content? Well, if that is the case then this service may be of help. It goes by the apt name of Get Monetizer, and it will empower you to have your clips uploaded and advertised in just a couple of minutes and clicks.

You will be empowered to set your very own purchase options, and charge the price that you deem as right for your videos.

For example, you can rent the video for a set period of time. Alternatively, you can let people download it in full by paying a fee that you are setting down yourself.

Get Monetizer comes in three different incarnations: “Bootstrapper”, “Pro” and “Mogul”. The main aspects differences include the revenue share that each has got, and the different media hosting and data sharing capabilities at play. Still, all three paid plans come with an unlimited number of video uploads, embeds and sellable units. And off-site backups of all your video files are also provided in all three cases.

But the best way to learn if Get Monetizer is what you need or not is by giving the free trial a go. It comes with impressive media hosting and data sharing capabilities, and if it doesn’t give you a good understanding of the way Get Monetizer works then nothing will.

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More – Monetizing After Download Pages

  • August 27, 2010

AfterDownload.comAfter Download is a new monetization platform in which a different vantage point has been favored. Its name make that clear, as the context in which content is monetized using this solution is the after download pages that users are presented with after getting any piece of software.

The whole shebang here is targeting people using these pages – pages that are often overlooked when it comes to monetizing anything online, and which are merely used to display “Thank You” messages.

This platform benefits publishers and advertisers since they get a chance to monetize exit traffic in a direct way, and users are not annoyed that much – after all, they are already accustomed to windows that pop up when they have finished downloading anything. The only thing that changes is the actual content of that window – now it will display an advertisement.

Of course, advertisers are provided with a full set of analytics for measuring how fruitful everything is really turning to be. If you would like to learn more about this platform, I encourage you to watch the video demonstration that is featured on the site. It shows you exactly what any visitor would see upon exiting your download page.

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