11 Ideas For Financing Your New Company

  • May 13, 2013

Many successful “startups” were actually consultancies that went into product building (37signals, MetaLab, etc.). Use consulting to pay for the development of your products. You’ll never have to go into debt, and if you create a product that ties into your consulting, you’ll be your own best beta tester…

More – Monetizing Virtual Currencies

  • April 26, 2010

SupersonicAds.comSupersonicAds is a monetization platform for virtual currencies that can be employed by online community of every ypet. Obviously, gaming websites and virtual worlds top the list, but such a platform has other usages.

For example, online merchants could employ such a currency as an alternative payment method, and a whole new world of possibilities could be explored.

When it comes to an app or a game, the way it all works is by integrating an offer page into it and then having the user complete it. Upon doing so, he will receive a set sum of that virtual currency and you (as the developer) are paid the amount that is due.

Of course, such a platform comes with heavy geo-localization, in order to ensure the relevance of what is displayed to your users. What good is a platform that makes you end up taking coals to Newcastle, after all?

The registration process is dealt with in a couple of minutes, and (if all goes well) you can have ads up and running within an hour. Integration methods include both XML and dedicated APIs.

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More – An Affiliate Marketing Alternative

  • April 13, 2010

Kehalim.comHave you got an affiliate marketing business? If that is so, this could be a good option to keep in mind. You should visit Kehalim Contextual Affiliate Platform soon, to have access to many marketing tools that might help you grow your business. This site could be an interesting option for online advertisers who want to make more money on internet.

With you can find help to improve all your marketing strategies fast and in a smart way. This site also provides you with different marketing tools that you can use to get more customers. is the site you should stop by in case you want to use affiliate marketing tools to grow your online business. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable affiliate marketing solutions, you will find a good site to visit. In conclusion, in case you are an online advertiser who wants to attract more customers, this site might be worth a try.

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More – Engaging Your Intended Audience

  • March 30, 2010

Capchure.comCapchure is an advertising network that aims to helps advertisers gain qualified leads from publications. The way this is achieved is by including short forms within the articles themselves, and then readers can sign these up on the spot.

This dispenses with having to click through several links in order to get to the actual signup form.

These short forms are accessed by way of highlighted keywords. When these keywords are hovered over then the relevant content is displayed for the user to sign up, and the process in which leads are generated is considerably simplified. People can opt-in to any e-mail campaign with a minimum of fuss. From that point onwards, it will be up to you to keep them engaged. But having something that makes the first step so painless and effortless can but lead to better results and a bigger number of people who will actually make it through to your mailing list.

When all is said and done, anything that makes for monetizing any site so effectively (and simply) is already halfway there. This service does it, and as a result it might become noticed and gain enough traction to go the remaining distance.

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More – Driving Traffic To Your Content

  • March 30, 2009

This online resource can be accurately defined as an open and transparent platform where you can get your website’s traffic statistics in order to base your marketing decisions. In this way you will be saving time and money through very high quality information site’s historical statistics in real-time.

The way this site works is very simple, you just need to use the submission form with the purpose to link your content. After you do hat, you just need to describe it, and pick the amount of traffic you want to flow.

This systems works as a hybrid of Digg and AdWords, and harnesses the wisdom of the crowds to merge organic content with advertising. This highly effective solution makes this possible with the use of a tiered user interface, in addition to open analytics, as well as an auction system.

This site is very effective when it comes to giving all the information you might need in order to get all its many benefits. This model can be used to monetize any online entity with traffic. In case you are interested in getting to know more about your website, this is the right site for you to take a look at.

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More – Monetize Your Photographs

  • February 20, 2009

Adography.comIs using a camera something you truly excel at? Do you want to make the jump from amateur to pro, and are weighing up your available options? If you do, and you think that you have some pictures that would make a superb advertisement, then this site will let you set off on the path of monetization.

That is, this portal will empower you to submit your photographs as “perfect advertisements” for companies and brands, and name your price for them.

If the company spots the pictures and likes them, the platform makes for selling the photos on the spot.

On the other hand, if you are an advertiser who needs any photos to publicize your company or brand, the site will enable you to post a want-ad describing what you envision, and see what comes up. When a photo that suits your needs is posted, it can be easily bought trough the site.

On the whole, the site adheres to its tagline of “Where photos become advertisements” by providing users with a platform where both sides are catered for, and bonds can be created and nurtured. As such, it is worth bookmarking and keeping in mind by amateur and seasoned photographers alike.

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More – Monetize Online Videos

  • November 5, 2008

Auditude.comAuditude is a company that provides video distribution and advertising solutions, in order to simplify the monetization of online video files. Through the site, content owners are able to find and sell ads on their videos over the web, while advertisers can target premium video online and reach a ready audience.

For its part, publishers also have a chance of increasing video revenue as multiple partners can sell into their sites and there is no custom integration to be carried out – the rules are set by the publisher and its partners.

The site is subdivided in consequence, and sections entitled “Content Owners”, “Publishers” and “Advertisers” are part of the premises.

Also featured on the site is a “technology” category which describes the corporate fingerprinting index and the way it relates to the existing ad platform. Aspects such as the way audio and video are matched are described as well. So far, the company has over 1,000,000,000 minutes of indexed content ready for distribution.

All in all, consider visiting the site if you are interested into jumping aboard the online video train, and see if the solution on offer could make be what you need to stake your claim.

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More – Network, Win Prizes

  • June 15, 2008

SocialCash.comWant to make money or win prizes? Who doesn’t? With the power of the internets today, there seems to be no end to monetization. Check out any job site—you’re bound to find something clickable or type-able that claims to make you some dough or at least win you some free condoms.

SocialCash, the people behind the free condoms, and free iPods scheme have come up with a nice try at monetizing social networking. It may work. The condoms worked as did the iPods and the company has been around for almost a decade. What SocialCash proposes is this: social network users complete a series of offers like applying for credit cards and then pass the deal onto a certain amount of people. If said people also complete the tasks, then the users gets the reward and the developer gets a piece as well. SocialCash also offers the good ole banner cash model for posterity.

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eVapt – Instant SaaS Metering

  • June 14, 2008

eVapt provides the only on-demand metering solution that meets the needs of SaaS and Web 2.0 application providers seeking to accelerate their revenues and reach optimal operational efficiency.

eVapt’s solution integrates painlessly with SaaS offerings, thus enabling SaaS providers to focus on their core competency.

The eVapt On demand Monetization Platform (eOMP)is delivered as SaaS. The platform provides the underlying security, scalability, data storage and visual rendering capabilities. The e0MP aggregates customer, business service and service usage data for business processes. The Business Service Catalog, SaaSView, Contract Management and Billing Mediation are the business modules which run on the eOMP to provide the necessary functionality.

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More – A License to Advertise

  • April 2, 2008

AdGent007.comAdverts rule the web. They pay the bloggers, who in turn provide hot content, which captures our attention and keeps us glued to the screen.

AdGent 007 is an ad monetizing company which wants to keep everyone happy– you, me, the ad networks and everyone in between. The upshot: many sites have global audiences, so for example, you have a site based in the states which may get loads of traffic from say, France; the ads on that site are usually only geared for the domestic audience, which means it’s missing out on a very opportune market. AdGent aims to connect advertisers with premium audiences around the world. They work with media buyers to leverage high quality publishers, linking them with relevant advertising. Your site thus averages more revenue from internationally applied marketing. Adgent 007 gives you the world.

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More – Domain Development

  • October 10, 2007

www.Ddc.comAre you ready to turn your domains into fully developed sites? Then Domain Development Corporation could be a possible answer. They are an extensive monetization service and full-scale domain development business.

Their goal is to maximize your revenue potential by providing a turnkey solution for your valuable domain portfolio. They offer a wide range of domain related services. Robust landing pages, proprietary fraud shield, and breakthrough optimization technology are just some of the features available to help you. They also offer a domain development platform called Fusion that allows clients the freedom to enrich their parking pages with relevant content, interactive menus, and other dynamic facets.

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More – Leader In Domain Monetization

  • July 15, 2007

Domainsponsor.comWho wouldn’t like to maximize their site’s revenues? But who actually know how to do it? If you are finding yourself with trouble with your site’s income, the Domainsponsor could very well be the answer to your problems. The site focuses on three main ways of boosting your revenues: domain parking, domain selling and referral program.

This site is focused on people with a big amount of domains in its property, if you own less than 50 domains you can’t apply for an account on this site, but, if you satisfy the site’s demands, registration is totally free. The site offers the possibility of boosting revenues when users on your site click on an ad, a keyword or performs a search. As another feature, if you are planning on acquiring new domains, Domainsponsor has a guide on how to make your purchase as effectively as possible. The site fully explains how their service works, and is esthetically appealing.

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