More – Something To Do When You Are Flying

  • March 25, 2011

MondoWindow.comMondo Window is a site that aims to make life more enjoyable for air travelers. Essentially, here they can access location-based content while they are flying. The site lets them individualize the airline and the number of the flight they are in, and upon doing so they will be shown what is happening right below.

They will be presented with pictures and images (some which are found on Flickr, some that come straight from photographers that have licensed them to Mondo Window), and also with games that have some relation or connection with the place they are flying over.

Alternatively, users of Mondow Window can access all that content by picking the destination they are headed to by choosing the relevant airport from a list.

The one requisite for Mondo Window to work is actually having an internet connection. If the plane you are flying on has no wifi, then you are not going to be able to access any content – Mondo Window is a web-based platform.

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