More – A Direct Way To Share Files

  • December 13, 2009

Mollify.orgThis site announce itself to the world using the phrase “Share your files with style”. I am not sure how stylish could we term this app, but it does the job it should do competently enough.

Basically, it is a file management tool that will let you publish and manage any file that you upload to a server of your own choice. These files will be accessible not only by you but also by those that you grant permission to.

File actions include the ability to download, rename, copy, move and delete any single file from a contextual popup menu, and both files and folders can be downloaded in zipped format.

For its part, directory actions include “rename”, “copy”, “move” and “delete”. Once published, a directory is fully configurable – the file structure that underlies will not be revealed. Group actions are not supported yet – it is quite likely that they will be supported in a future update, along with an overall tree/grid view.

This application is entirely free to use, and seven languages are currently supported: Deutsch, English, Français, Portugues, Spanish, Italian and Suomi.

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