More – An Easier Way To Publish Content

  • August 26, 2010

MojoMotor.comMojo Motor is a new publishing engine that you can use to update your site from just anywhere, and in a very easy way at that. This is exemplified by the fact that if you use Mojo Motor to update your site you won’t even have to use a control panel or a dashboard of any kind.

Mojo Motor becomes an integral part of your site, or (if you will) your site becomes the control panel that you are going to utilize. Pages are added by clicking a button, and then the content is edited on the pages that you have created.

When using Mojo Motor, the emphasis is placed squarely on letting you add and update content. Nothing more. The pages that are created using it are HTML friendly in every sense, too. That means you can import whatever you want, be it a video or an image and have it displayed with complete naturalness.

For its part, the hierarchy of pages is handled in a drag and drop fashion. You determine which page leads to which manually. The whole system is crystal-clear. You just can’t go wrong.

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