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Words Of Wisdom From The Mojiva Mobile Maestro

Words Of Wisdom From The Mojiva Mobile Maestro

Every time I read a story about entrepreneurs in tech or otherwise, I always feel a little more inspired and a little more motivated in some way. Maybe to start my own business, or something else, regardless the teachings of successful entrepreneurs are always intriguing to me.   Krish Arvapally, the co-founder of Mojiva Inc., a very successful global mobile display company, is one of those entrepreneurs. He has an interesting...

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Mojiva is a company that provides solutions in the field of mobile advertising. It enables anybody to “go mobile” by converting existing web content into mobile, and then monetizing such content via its provided platform. The site lists the ways the existing platform could accommodate different users, ranging from advertisers and publishers to agencies, affiliates and developers. Advertisers and publishers will benefit from a...

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