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  • January 23, 2009

Moeim.netThis company was shaped with the intention of creating a market place where you do not have to worry about time and space.

The way this service works is very simple but no less exclusive.

At MOEIM.NET you will get access to services based on special connections, with only wholesalers and retailers who are cautiously selected depending on the kind of business you are going to make.

Among the many optional services you can get access to by being a member of this business choice, you will be a part of a very high quality shopping solution, with a customer service software that has been developed based on the latest available technologies.

Additionally, you will always get the latest arrivals when it comes to new products, ordered in an exclusive brochure that was especially created according to your own particular needs, and the wholesaler’s characteristics.

The company has a weekly report based on a sophisticated statistics package, in order to know everything what is going on in the market, in relation to your preferences and business needs.

You have the option of checking products directed to women, men, kids, as well as accessories, and information for vendors.

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