Model-Driven Migration

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  • September 30, 2008 introduces an architected approach to modernizing legacy code originally written using structured methodologies.

NewCode has launched an innovative, new online service for migrating Visual Basic applications to Microsoft .NET and Java. NewCode is providing users with migration tools with access to a knowledgeable, online developer community. NewCode automates the move to object-oriented code that extends the latest frameworks including .NET and Java EE, and is a key-enabler for the paradigm shift to SOA. Users register on the site, purchase migration credit measured in lines of code and use NewCode to achieve productive and high quality results. The fundamental problem with existing legacy migration tools today is that a line-by-line conversion will not be able to create the object-oriented style of programming that is at the heart of modern frameworks such as .NET and J2EE. The retirement of Visual Basic and other languages without clear migration paths and NewCode’s unique, patented approach has lead to an accelerating demand for NewCode.

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