More – Create Wireframes And Mockups

  • July 13, 2011

MockupTiger.comA new web-based tool, Mockup Tiger enables designers to build wireframes, mockups and prototypes in less than half the time it would take them to do such a thing otherwise. And once they are ready, have them shared with all the people who should see them and judge their quality and suitability for any project.

When using Mockup Tiger, the creation process itself is made an absolute piece of cake because designers are provided with a scalable library of vector icons, text widgets, boxes and containers.

In this way, building dashboard wireframes and website mockups is a mere question of letting your imagination lead the way. You will be habilitated to do things that only really skilled designers would achieve otherwise.

Two different Mockup Tiger licenses are available. One comes at $ 77 (the Professional license), and the other at $ 97 (the one for enterprises). Both are one-off payments – there is nothing more to pay once you have bought the one that applies.

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More – Build Mobile Prototypes

  • June 18, 2011

Mokk.meMobile developers, this site is tailor-made for you. If you have an idea for any app and you want to test it out by building a fully-working prototype first, then here you will be able to do it with a minimum of fuss. is a site that makes for prototyping anything you have in mind, and then sharing these mockups you have created with just anybody – developers you work directly with, colleagues that you want to ask for an honest opinion, people whose feedback is always accurate and valuable… You can have your prototypes shared with just anybody, anytime. And you will be able to have anything you have created tested across multiple platforms at once – iPhone, Android and webOS are all supported to the fullest extent.

When it comes to the actual creation of apps, now, you are allowed to edit everything using a drag and drop interface. And you are enabled to use and reuse HTML, UI CSS and JS, as well as adding behavior with jQuery to what you are testing in order to improve your app more definitively.

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More – Create Mockups And Sketches

  • June 4, 2011

MockupBuilder.comMockups are something that should be created quickly, and that should give clients an instant understanding of the way any project is headed so that they can provide timely feedback to designers. And if you give this new tool a try, you will discover that it meets that criteria in full. MockupBuilder will let designers get the basic layout of sites and/or apps together in no time at all, present them to their clients and receive their feedback in return. It is all done by just sharing a link – the client will get to see the mockup at a mere click, and make all the comments that are in order on the spot.

The site is easy-enough to be used by anybody, and in any case it is hard to think that a designer would actually have trouble figuring out how things are done here. But a video tutorial is featured just to make things perfectly clear to first-time users. All the best practices are highlighted, so that mockups and sketches will be created not only better but also faster.

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More – For The Creation Of Prototypes

  • December 10, 2010

GoTiggr.comTiggr is an application that can be used for the creation of user interfaces. It has two distinct advantages, namely that it runs entirely on the browser, and that it can be used collectively. That is, you will be able to work with the other members of your team as if you were all in the same room. You will no longer have to email files back and forth. And you will be able to invite as many colleagues as you want, too.

Using Tiggr, interfaces are created by dragging and dropping controls into position, and all the many layouts that are provided will let you come up with the exact prototype that you can see in the eye of your mind.

It is important to mention that Tiggr can also be used for the devising of mobile interfaces. As it stands right now, Tiggr will let you come up with interactive prototypes for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and have them fully previewed, too.

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More – For The Creation Of Mockups

  • December 9, 2010

FrameBox.orgFrame Box is a new Internet tool for the easy creation of mockups. Any designer can come to the site and start dragging and dropping elements around. This flexibility is made possible because the site has been built using Java. Hence, components such as boxes, texts, buttons and links can be easily positioned.

And once the mockup has been created, it can be shared with just any person you collaborate with by sharing the link that is attributed to each individual frame. The other persons will be able to suggest his very own changes and modifications, and the mockup will then begin taking its definitive shape.

In addition to working entirely on the browser, Frame Box has the definitive plus of being free to use. By merely creating an account you will be allowed to start using this service to the full, and sketch as many frames with your colleagues as you could need to carry any project of yours to completion.

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More – For The Easy Creation Of Mockups

  • October 31, 2010

jMockups.comjMockups provides web Designers with a HTML5 application they can use to realize how any site that they have to build will look like before actually coding anything. They will get a mockup ready in minutes, and they will be able to share it with the ones who have commissioned them to do the job. Feedback will then be exchanged, and only when everything has been agreed upon will the actual coding process be started.

In this way, designers will get to know how any website will look well in advance, without having to write a single line of CSS or HTML. This means that they won?t have to make a single revision to what they have created – it will suit the requirements of their clients perfectly.

Both a free and a paid plan are provided. The free plan is limited to 5 mockups, whereas the paid plan (which is named Pro) makes room for up to 200. Leaving aside the number of supported mockups, there are no other differences between plans. They have the same features and capabilities.

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More – A Supple Way To Create Mockups

  • September 15, 2010

Lumzy.comLumzy is an online application that will let designers create mockups that they can then send to their clients in order to start gathering feedback together. And it is also possible to create prototypes – these are more developed than mockups.

While a mockup is something comparable to a mere sketch (IE, something stationary) a prototype is something dynamic – the client will be able to interact with it. He will be able to see what is going to happen when a client clicks on a button, or when he visits any specific part of the site.

These mockups and prototypes can be sent out to clients the moment they are ready. And as far as creating them goes, keep in mind that Lumzy boasts collaborative tools that will let you build them up with help from team members that might be located in the other side of town. The provided chat engine will let you ensure there is no overlapping.

Lumzy can be launched and used for free, too. The editor will load in just a couple of minutes, and you will be able to gain time when designing anything by picking any of the featured templates.

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More – A Smooth Approach To Mockups

  • March 18, 2010

Mocksup.comThere is no better way to convey how a site would work than by creating a mockup. Trouble is, that process can turn out to be too time-consuming both in terms of getting the design ready and then collecting the ensuing feedback.

That is where a service like this one steps in. In general terms, it will let you come up with a working prototype by uploading individual mockups and have them linked together so as to recreate the way that the finished website would work. This prototype is fully functional – you can click your way through it, and explore it in every sense.

And Mocksup also makes for collecting feedback and processing it right on the spot. You can invite just whoever you like, be them friends or colleagues, and have them view your project. They can proceed to leave feedback once they have done so. Of course, you can also show it to your clients. In that way, changes can be implemented right when they have to, avoiding the stress of having built something on top of an element that the client did not like to begin with.

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More – Wireframes & Mockups Made Smooth

  • February 5, 2010

inPreso.comMockups and wireframes are a notable part of any developer’s day. That is only natural – they facilitate communication and make for testing in just a couple of minutes what would take a sizable amount of time (and patience) otherwise.

inPreso makes for that – it will let any team create visual designs and carry tests for purposes of any kind, be them compatibility or general performance issues.

Besides, a web player is featured for added flexibility. That will let you present any project without ever needing to export the files to PowerPoint. And you can choose from different skins in order to match each incarnation of Windows that has been released, too.

This application can be tried for free on the web, and you can procure and install a desktop version at no cost, too. This free desktop version will give you a small overview only – if you want to unlock features such as online commenting and having access to different operating system skins then you will have to upgrade to the paid edition.

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