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Qwik.Vu – Share Web Design Mockups

  • October 5, 2011

Qwik.VuWith a simple and fast interface, QwikVu positions itself as a really appealing alternative for the sharing of mockups with clients. Users are allowed to upload their files for free and get a short link in return, and just by sharing that with their clients they will be able to let them see their designs at 100 % scale. It’s all done in the browser, with clients being freed from the onerous process of having to download bulky files, and needing to have the right software installed on their computers just to view them.

A paid version of QwikVu is also available, and it lets users have multiple files uploaded and shared at once. It costs $9.99 a month, or $99 for 12 months. This pro version of the service also enables users to customize their QwikVu URLs, and send personalized links to clients. And all the URLs generated by paid users of the service are online forever; they have no expiry date. (The URLs one can create for free are deleted after two weeks have elapsed.)

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More – Letting Designers Collaborate

  • August 30, 2010

DraftboardApp.comDraftboard is a new app that is geared towards web designers. Simply put, it is a flexible collaboration tool.

If you are a designer, you can simply upload your mock up and have both your team and your clients give you their feedback on your designs.

The way everything is structured, users can tag visual parts of the mock up, leave their own comments, and also assign to-dos. Just think of the advantages that this has got over exchanging emails back and forth. Discussions can then take place in a more natural and nurturing setting, and everybody will always be aware of what he is expected to do.

Draftboard, then, is an application that turns the process of having mock ups approved by your clients into something which is smoother and certainly more instant for all the people who are involved. There are four paid plan to pick from – “Freelancer”, “Studio”, “Agency”, and “Corporate” And if you want to test the heat before signing for a paid account, you can try the free plan instead. It comes with one project and unlimited storage.

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More – Learning How Usable A Site Truly Is

  • April 16, 2010

Navflow.comAs unfortunate as that might be, there is not a universal way in which usability could be determined. That might as well be the result of applications and websites being anything but univocal in terms of public.

Rather, each app and each site will have its own audience, and the only way of knowing how usable they will find it is to conduct a test beforehand. It is really as simple as that. And this new resource plays out that very same role – it will enable any designer to have his mock-ups and wireframes tested by his intended audience.

In this way, he can find out how natural people find navigating the design that he has assembled, and improve on any structural aspect before adding anything else to it. And the actual implementation of this service couldn’t be more direct – it is all taken care of in minutes, as you upload the images that represent the pathway that your users are meant to take and then people (either the general public or private users you designate) will complete it. The results are then presented in an equally direct way, as graphs are augmented by heatmaps that make everything understandable in a mere couple of glances.

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