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  • July 17, 2008

WeTheCitizens.comIt’s an election year, folks. That means come November the choice of who is going to be the next President of the United States is yours to make.

In the meantime, you’ll probably let the politicos argue out various terrorist fistjabs and the merits of being old, while keeping a watchful eye on the ever present media coverage. It also means that you might want to do something besides watch and listen. And, if you do, you may find it worth your while to check out WeTheCitizens. WeTheCitizens is a networking mobilization site that aims to help you the citizens mobilize. If you run a campaign, or support group, or want to drum up some funding, a good way to go about these days is create a social network. WeTheCitizens lets you do just that. It gives your cause/group/campaign a Web 2.0 presence. The WeTheCitizens platform uses breakthrough technology to help mobilize existing online communities and create new ones with a series of special tools, professional help, and an ‘Impact Engine’ that gauges the impact of your supporters. It’s not free, but the cost is both effective and reasonable.

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