More – Large Attachments & Your Mobile

  • April 6, 2010

MobileDocuments.comPresented by Visiarc, Mobile Documents is a service that aims to bring the convenience of desktop email to mobile attachments. The concept that lies at the heart of this system is interesting in itself, since attachments are not downloaded at once but streamed bit by bit.

This is not only more time-effective but also more practical since no files are downloaded at all. This clearly operates in your advantage since no files will be lost or stolen along the way.

The software itself is also quite intelligent, as it automatically adjusts the screen resolution when you are downloading a document like a PDF. In practice, the more you zoom in then the more the resolution is increased so as to avoid unnecessary blurring.

In final place, it must be mentioned that you can send out large attachments in an equally smooth way, and without having to deal with the long waits that you would have to deal with otherwise.

A demo app can be downloaded through the site free of charge, and it will give you quite a good sampler of the way it all works in practice.

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