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More – Receiving Notifications On Your Mobile

  • March 25, 2010

Notifo.comI am sure that if we conducted a poll in order to determine what would be the best method for the delivery of reminders and alerts, approximately 8 out of 10 people would choose their mobile phone. That is only natural.

Such devices go where we go, and the alert can be something as imperceptible to others as a small buzz. No activity would be disrupted because of it, and the context makes for the reminder to be kept extremely simple and to-the-point.

Notifo is a new app that certainly makes you think about all that, since the characteristics mentioned above are certainly its defining features. Basically, it will let you sign up and receive notifications when your favorite services have new content to offer up.

So far, only iPhones are supported. Compatibility with other mobiles is underway, with Androids and Blackberries topping the list. If you have an iPhone, you can sign up as an individual user and start receiving updates right now. And note that the site also has a log in for service providers who want to customize what they are going to give to their users.

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