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More – Light Up Your Locality

  • March 19, 2008

LightPole.netLightPole endeavors to illuminate your world, figuratively speaking. This mobile app lets you explore new hangouts, restaurants, shows, monuments and even local history.

They call it mobile discovery—you’ll get real time geo-specific updates about places and events in your area. It’s basically a bit of mapping, search, and RSS combined. How it works: download LightPole to your mobile. When you want some info, say the nearest wifi spot, enter in your location and open a channel to Hotspotr which prospects for hotspots. Use MappyHour to find happy hour dives near you. Yelp’s also in there and you’ll also find Yahoo Local. You can add comments or notes and share info with a friend. Points of Interest can be saved in your favorites—called My Places. LightPole’s free to download.

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