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  • November 28, 2008

GlideOS.comSelf-described as “The Complete Mobile Desktop Solution”, Glide is there to ensure that life will be easier for mobile users everywhere by providing them with a location where they can share media and information effortlessly.

All the tools that you should expect to see in such an application make an appearance, and these include an image editor, an agenda and a word processor.

In actuality, GlideOS can also be run on your current desktop solution and provide a web based environment. As a result, its appeal is not only circumscribed to mobile users, but it will also interest those who are looking into alternatives for file managing and related tasks.

Coming back to mobiles, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices are all duly supported and taken into consideration.

As it was to be expected, there are several plans available to choose from. A free version is included along with a premium plan that comes both in monthly and yearly incarnations. The premium plan stands apart by providing the user with up to 20 GB of storage space. Additional storage can also be purchased for a fee that is listed online.

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