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Words Of Wisdom From The Mojiva Mobile Maestro

Words Of Wisdom From The Mojiva Mobile Maestro

Every time I read a story about entrepreneurs in tech or otherwise, I always feel a little more inspired and a little more motivated in some way. Maybe to start my own business, or something else, regardless the teachings of successful entrepreneurs are always intriguing to me.   Krish Arvapally, the co-founder of Mojiva Inc., a very successful global mobile display company, is one of those entrepreneurs. He has an interesting...

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AdMarvel is a company that partners with ad networks everywhere in order to bring publishers better chances in the markets they compete in. It provides a suite of tools that intends to let its users take full control of mobile advertising. The provided functionalities include both a revenue and a traffic manager along with the tools for understanding the way any campaign is taking shape, as both revenue and traffic analytics are...

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