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  • January 20, 2010

AdMarvel.comAdMarvel is a company that partners with ad networks everywhere in order to bring publishers better chances in the markets they compete in. It provides a suite of tools that intends to let its users take full control of mobile advertising.

The provided functionalities include both a revenue and a traffic manager along with the tools for understanding the way any campaign is taking shape, as both revenue and traffic analytics are provided. A campaign manager is likewise part of the package, and you can use it in order to have a good overall insight of the way everything is headed at any time.

The site also has sections that are aimed at publishers and carriers along with one tab that is named “Ad networks”. Such a tab includes comprehensive information on how to become a preferred network, and the advantages that would entail.

The provided suite of applications is available to those who sign up on the site. Upon doing so, you must specify what your main interest is, and some of the options include “becoming a publisher”, “becoming a preferred ad network” and also “partnering with AdMarvel”.

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