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More – A New Messaging System

  • December 7, 2008

Zenect.comZenect is a real-time messaging solution that caters both for personal and business users wanting to communicate in the most straightforward manner. In principle, users create their own page and employ it to post messages.

Whenever a message is posted, it is automatically sent to the mobile users that have signed up to receive them as text messages.

In addition to that, this platform is a cost-effective mobile marketing system as targeted text ads are added at the bottom of each message. The twist is that you are actually paid for the ads that appear on the messages you post, so that you can generate an income effortlessly for the simple fact of sending messages.

There are five different plans available, and these range from “Personal” (the free one, suitable for personal communication) to the one entitled “Max” which comes with features such as a limitless number of maximum subscribers and custom demographics.

When all is said and done, Zenect offers yet another new way to promote your business or activity by maximizing the uses of the technology we currently have. You can sign for a free account to get started at the website, and see if it is your potential key to success or not.

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More – A New Approach To Advertisement

  • November 24, 2008

Qtags.comQtags is a service that aims to make it easy to remember advertising messages you come across, and at the same time remain in control of the interaction with the advertiser. A qtag (short for “quick tag”) is added to any campaign, and viewers or listeners wanting to know more about that specific offer simply have to text the advertised qtag to the provided code.

Upon doing so, the qtgas service sends instant information about the advertisement in question to mobile phone of the individual, in the form of a reply text. Moreover, the qtags service converts the keyword to a web-link that the interested party can check out in order to retrieve information.

This system is available to anybody who has a mobile phone, and there is no need to register in order to use it.

For its part, advertisers have access to real-time reporting, so that they can see the volume of texts and the links that were forwarded in order to evaluate the efficacy of the campaign.

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Sayso – The Mobile Marketing Marketplace

  • October 17, 2008

Sayso is a first-of-its-kind service that enables marketers to rent targeted, permission-ready mobile marketing lists of Sayso subscribers. Subscribers have agreed to receive messages and, in exchange, are paid an amount of their choosing for each message they receive.

Subscribers complete a short profile and set the price they need to be paid. Then marketers build targeted, permission-ready lists based on demographics, geography and the maximum price they’re will to pay to deliver a message to an individual. Messages are then delivered to everyone who is a match.

Sayso is the channel through which permission-ready, mass-scale mobile marketing becomes possible.

Sayso believes that marketing has real value to consumers, helping them to become aware of new or useful products and services, allowing good ideas and worthwhile causes to spread through the populous, and saving consumers money via relevant offers on valuable products and services. However, most marketers have forgotten to recognize that a consumer’s time and attention have real value — and in doing so have turned marketing into an interruption rather than a conversation.

Sayso solves this issue by rewarding the consumer with real money for each and every marketing message they receive. And it goes one step further by allowing the consumer to set their price.

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More – Free Mobile Social Gaming Service

  • December 10, 2007

HOVR.comHovr is revolutionizing the mobile content and advertising sectors by offering users fun, high-quality free, ad-supported downloadable mobile games integrated in a social gaming community with the ability to connect, compete, and interact with friends. Unlike other forms of media, currently, mobile games are available to consumers only in a premium-purchase model where a consumer has to pay $6-10 to purchase and play a game.

Even though large percentage of consumers are interested in mobile games, paying $6-10 for a mobile game becomes an expensive proposition for a large number of consumers. Hovr aims to make mobile gaming a mass-market phenomenon by providing high-quality, fun games free of cost to the consumer, in an ad-supported model. To enrich the user experience further, hundreds of Hovr games are integrated in a hot new social gaming community where users can find and connect with friends, form groups, upload high scores, compete for high scores in contests and tournaments, send messages and comments to each other, build and jazz-up their avatars – online as well as mobile.

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More – Mobile Ad Co. Offers Free Games

  • September 12, 2007

GreyStripe.comGreyStripe is a mobile ad company specializing in providing in-game advertising. Their AdWrap product suite brings free mobile content to consumers by delivering ads–images, banners, and videos—into the games themselves.

Using Greystripe, anyone can create ads to be wrapped around mobile games. There are various customization options for each ad, and customers can also take advantage of Greystripe’s affiliate network for ad distribution. Additionally, large advertisers and agencies can opt for complete control in creating, monitoring, and trafficking their ad campaigns. The company’s recent partnering with Hands-On Mobile, adds to Greystripes game offerings which are distributed via GameJump .com. GameJump supports over 1,000 different handsets and has players in over 150 countries.

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More – Mobile Advertising

  • August 9, 2007

Perooz.comThe next frontier for advertising is clearly on our cell phones, or iPods and PSPs. Perooz knows this, and Perooz’s entire business model is to help companies facilitate bringing this to fruition.

The company is currently helping other companies change their hard copy magazines into formats that can be viewed on mobile devices. Perooz claims that when the Sony PSP was released, they were the company at the forefront of “providing optimized content for the next generation of portable media devices.” And now that the iPod has release they say they are going to take it a step further. In past years when people try to access the internet from mobile devices the content has gotten distorted and it couldn’t be viewed the same way that it could be on a desktop. makes sure that all the formatting is correct.

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More – Mobile Advertising Via IM

  • June 4, 2007

Miyowa.comThe Paris based company Miyowa offers a suite of mobile messaging solutions. It”s newly introduced MoveMessenger Platform is compatible with any handset and it”s light, at only 60 kb.

MoveMessenger can connect with all IM clients such as Jabber and wireless. On the business side, Miyowa has Mobile Advertising Ready MoveMessenger, featuring three types of adverts: Splash screens, Dynamic tabs & pop ups, andVirtual Buddy. It operates in tandem with the MoveMessenger platform and is scalable to the client”s needs with free and paid models. Of course Miyowa”s advert platfrom integrates completely with client side technology such as provisioning systems, billing opt-ins and authentication mechanisms. For marketers and brand pushers, IM advertising targets a key audience in a ready to use service. Consumers get mobile integration, while clients reach a highly profitable market.    

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