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More – Create Your Own Mobile Site

  • April 17, 2009 is a platform that was conceived with the intention to make available for all users the chance to create and manage their mobile sites.

These sites are being optimized for different devices like IPhone, Blackberry, smartphones, etc.

With this online solution you can create your mobile site in a very simple way. No matter if you want to create a corporate or a personal mobile site, this is the right site for you to find what you need.

In case you are interested in creating your mobile blog, as well as your mobile newsletter, in addition to a wide rang of mobile contests, etc. If you want to have your own mobile shop in order to sell your products this is a website where you can find different ways to manage RSS feed mobile optimized and much more.

Mobile navigation is increasing at a fast pace, and it seems to be a good idea to be ready for these changes. Iphone started to do this and its competitors have started to do it. If you wan to be updated take a look at this site at

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More – A Phone That Takes All Forms

  • March 25, 2008

Modumobile.comWould you like the ability to give your phone a facelift every now and then so that it can accompany your current style? Or perhaps you’d like to slip your phone into your digital camera and instantly share photos with the people in your contact list? Sound far-fetched? It isn’t. Modu just received $100 million in venture funding to get their chameleon-like product to market.

Modu is a small sleek little phone that you can completely alter by buying new “jackets” for it. Perhaps you’d like a different looking phone for business that for jogging and Modu makes that simple. Modu can also be inserted into many consumer electronics devices and the possibilities seem endless.

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Treasuremytext: the simple way to save your favorite SMS.

  • February 27, 2008

Treasuremytext: the simple way to save your favorite SMS online.

Treasuremytext saves treasured SMS messages: users either forward messages to a standard rate mobile number (in UK, USA or Netherlands) although it works globally.

Users can also archive their SMS over the air via an application for iPhone.

Treasuremytext (version 2) is currently in invite only beta but set to launch early March 2008 (date to be confirmed). The service initially launched in 2003 and has been keeping treasured SMS safe since then. The new service is set to launch with far more features; from public SMS Streams to SMS by RSS with client applications for more handsets coming soon.

How it works:

Save your SMS
Save a text message and it appears instantly in your Inbox. It’ll never be lost or accidentally deleted when you change or upgrade phones and there’s no limit on storage so you’ll never run out of space. Treasuremytext is an SMS archive and backup service – meaning you never delete another SMS again. To save your SMS messages simply forward them to one of the standard rate numbers.

Organize SMS Online
Stay organized: users drag and drop messages to folders they’ve created. They can also add buddies / contacts and the system auto-detects contacts and assigns messages appropriately.

Share your SMS
Text Streams let users publish customizable SMS diaries which can also be output as RSS and added to other web systems.

Archive SMS from your iPhone
There is also an iPhone app available. iPhone users can’t currently forward SMS so this utility app lets you keep your messages by archiving them at Treasuremytext. It works over iPhone’s data connection.

Treasuremytext is free!
A Treasuremytext account is now free (although other business models have been attempted) and you can save as many SMS messages as you like. The only cost of using Treasuremytext is the cost to send messages to the system (standard operator charges apply).

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Beezbox – Social Media for All

  • February 13, 2008

In today’s global and competitive market, Beezbox empowers businesses and organizations by helping them developing their revenue, expanding their customer base and also refreshing their brand awereness.
For that, Beezbox provides turnkey branded ‘social media services’ to businesses such as telecom operators, media (TV, radio, newspapers), consumer goods, banks, insurance, sport clubs, education, NGO, administration….
Beezbox runs and operates as well the first social media dedicated to global-minded people,

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More – Free Mobile Social Gaming Service

  • December 10, 2007

HOVR.comHovr is revolutionizing the mobile content and advertising sectors by offering users fun, high-quality free, ad-supported downloadable mobile games integrated in a social gaming community with the ability to connect, compete, and interact with friends. Unlike other forms of media, currently, mobile games are available to consumers only in a premium-purchase model where a consumer has to pay $6-10 to purchase and play a game.

Even though large percentage of consumers are interested in mobile games, paying $6-10 for a mobile game becomes an expensive proposition for a large number of consumers. Hovr aims to make mobile gaming a mass-market phenomenon by providing high-quality, fun games free of cost to the consumer, in an ad-supported model. To enrich the user experience further, hundreds of Hovr games are integrated in a hot new social gaming community where users can find and connect with friends, form groups, upload high scores, compete for high scores in contests and tournaments, send messages and comments to each other, build and jazz-up their avatars – online as well as mobile.

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More – Create Mobile Services

  • November 1, 2007

Fortumo.comFortumo enables everyone to create their own sms service within 5 minutes without having to have any technical skills. Company believes that creating a mobile service should not be more difficult than making a blog or a homepage.

At the moment it is possible to create four types of services: sms-info, sms-campaign, sms-chat are targeted at users without any technical skills, while Premium sms-connectivity enables experienced service providers to benefit from more countries, flexible user interface and competitive revenue sharing. Fortumo’s goal is to make creating mobile services as easy as it is to create a blog or a home page. Anyone, from students and home-based workers to web entrepreneurs, can create their own SMS service in 5 minutes and start earning revenue. Moreover, Fortumo services have a number of advanced features and competitive revenue sharing, which makes it a good choice for large-volume mobile services.

At the moment Fortumo is providing services in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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More – Mobile Content

  • October 18, 2007

Squace.comSquace is the most intuitive and personalized mobile concept that brings the simplicity of fixed Internet to mobile devices. And will unleash the mobile Internet.

Squace has a unique patented interface that reduces the number of clicks and time spent on navigation by 25-85 %. With it’s easy for everyone to move links and services from the web to the mobile Internet. And real simple to build new stuff. Squace is independent of operator and device manufacturer; it always looks and works exactly the same. And it’s free for everyone Squace makes surfing, searching, and sharing content as simple as on Internet – all without typing.

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