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  • July 12, 2010

Mobilality.comThis company is a purveyor of mobile marketing services both for the restaurant and the hospitality industries. The idea is that their clients buy keywords and then they associate data to these keywords.

The information they have associated will then be forwarded to any customer who sends a text message to the company’s number upon seeing or hearing the keyword.

In that sense, restaurants can buy words that are associated with what they do and market their services by providing both potential and prospective customers with information that is directly related to that concept.

When signing up, a company has to provide extensive information about itself. This will be used as part of the information that will be sent out to people who employ the system, too. And when people receive the information they will be able to forward it on the spot. It is a matter of having the skill of presenting what you do and what you have to offer in an attractive way in order to create a chain or recommendations, then.

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