More – Direct Seller Home-Based Business Services

  • October 12, 2011

ACNinc.comAs the world’s largest home and business services and telecommunications direct seller, ACN offers several international portals on for their partners in North American, Asia, the Pacific, and Europe. The main ACN website boasts that their telecommunications company spans 23 countries and offers direct selling opportunities to help people become their own boss. Services offers from the telecommunications company include satellite TV, mobile apps, wireless, WiMAX, high speed internet, local and long distance phone services, and digital phone service which incorporates the latest in video phone technology.

Once visitors to select their country, they are taken to a page which offers recent ACN News, information about the company, and a product portfolio. For ACN Direct Sellers, they can also access their ACN back office, where they can manage their business.

Beyond the basic telecommunications services mentioned above, ACN also offers home security, computer support, energy options, and small business services. Home security options from ACNinc include products and services from ADT, Security Choice, and Vivint. ACNinc Premium Technical Support is available 24/7 to help users get their computers repaired in a timely manner. Budget-friendly energy services through Xoom and Planet Energy can also be purchases through the ACNinc website for home or small business use in California, Michigan, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Additional small business options provided through include telecommunications and computer support.

For folks who would like to join the ACNinc team as an Independent Business Owner (IBO), they can read and agree to the ACN Independent Business Owner Agreement Terms and Conditions directly on the website. People who would like more information about home business opportunities from ACN as well as folks who have questions may contact them through an online form available at or by phone or mailing address (both of which are provided on the website).

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More – Buy MonaVie Acai Berry Products

  • September 20, 2011

Acai-Berry.comPremium quality acai berry juice and other nutritional and diet products from MonaVie can be purchased through Their online store also offers information on the health benefits and nutritional details of acai berry. Acai-Berry products have proved to be high in antioxidants, and to offer a variety of additional health benefits including immune function boost, improved joint health, improved heart health, and even weight loss.

MonaVie Acai-Berry products are sold around the world, in territories including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the South Pacific. MonaVie was established in 2005 after acai berry became popular for its health benefits and antioxidants. Acai-Berry comes from the Amazon rainforest and is actually a palm fruit rather than a berry. It is a renewable resource that tastes like a berry with a slight hint of chocolate when sugar is added to it.

As a Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Sales company, MonaVie offers detailed information about their program on They give their sales force the title of “MonaVie independent distributors” and encourage them to purchase large, bulk orders of MonaVie products and to recruit other people to the program. The MonaVie “Opportunity” section of offers several videos detailing their Multi-Level Marketing program and their benefits and bonuses.

Visitors to the Acai-Berry website can request a free MonaVie business builder information pack, which is available worldwide. The website states that MonaVie can help people create “an extra stream of residual income” by selling MonaVie products as an independent distributor.

Visitors to who would like to purchase MonaVie products without becoming a distributor can pay with PayPal or Google Checkout and the site claims that products can be shipped worldwide.

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More – The Truth Of MLM

  • July 30, 2008 seems to be a website where you will be able to find a revealing piece of information: a 35 page report that has been given the name of “the most controversial book in MLM.

” For those who still don’t know, MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing which is also known as Network Marketing. In fact, also claims to reveal the “7 great lies of Network Marketing.” It seems like many leading companies and corporations are terrified of this information being acknowledged by people. Apparently, this report was already downloaded and read by over 150,000 persons. You will be able t download it now, before it is banned permanently, at The site is quite simple and easy-to-navigate; even my old great grandpa would be able to check out the best kept secrets of MLM. On the right-hand side of the home page you will find the video that will let you know the 7 lies of MLM mentioned before. Check out and face the truth.

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More – Network Marketing Software

  • July 14, 2008

InternetNextStep.comThis site is on the internet to provide you with the software that will make you expand your horizons. MLM Software is your internet’s next step, an affordable network marketing solution that will allow you to save money and improve your systems.

What this site offers is a multi-lingual software for binary, matrix, and any other custom MLM commission plan you need. If you are new to these terms you should know MLM means Multi Level Marketing, and that it’s an integrated sales method that includes many marketing strategies. You can learn more about these services at, where you’ll be guided in everything related to internet marketing solutions. If you want to access a full list of the services and products offered you should click any of the links placed at the top of your screen. If you are interested in free training, you can check out the site’s MLM training newsletter, which you can signup for free.

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More – A Guide to Multiple Income

  • March 15, 2008

Dreamteammoney.comWouldn´t you like to increase you passive income? Wouldn´t you like to make more money for you could dream about a non-worrying life for your future and your children? Well, if the answer to those questions is Yes, then you must stop seeking not working alternatives and take a few minutes of your life to pay a visit to, the Guide to Multiple your Passive Income.

You´ll just have to get a free account and get in the forums. You will get in touch with plenty of people that share your concerns and entering the money making discussion you may learn a hole deal of new ideas that may, someday, make you multiple your passive income and stop worrying. So if these are your concern just check the site and you won´t be disappointed, they guarantee that. You will learn to achieve financial freedom and to have a better future.

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More – Excel in MLM’s Income Technologies

  • September 14, 2007

Excel-mlm.comThis portal helps you to start a Home Based Internet Business. It might be just for some extra money or even for a fulltime income.

There are unlimited opportunities. Not all of them will make you rich. Some might only cost you money. Nevertheless, every visitor to “Excel in MLM” will surely find a plenty of valuable information, free tips and many links of interest. You will also find various sources of information on the subject of Internet Marketing and all its aspects. There are different kinds of Internet businesses. Much is also published on MLM, an attractive business opportunity for many as MLM business provides a continuing residual income over time.

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