Mixtap.in – Creating And Sharing Mixtapes

  • June 29, 2010

Mixtap.inThose who are over 30 will really take a liking to this site, if only because the nostalgia stakes are quite high here. The name of the site actually gives you a very clear indication of what it is all about: it is a resource that aims to bring the emotion of creating and sharing mixtapes back.

This site will let you do two different things: type the name of an artist for a mixtape to be automatically created, and handpick the actual songs that will be used to create the mixtape. In the latter case, a free and simple application is provided to individualize the songs.

Of course, younger generations might not understand what the fuss is all about. They could not. If you did not live through the late ‘80s there is no way you could understand the effort that went into coming up with a mixtape – and you won’t understand the degree of affection that went with creating and sharing them, either. Mixtap.in won’t make you realize it, sadly, but that is no indictment on the site. There is no way in which the physicality of the process could be replicated. But for nostalgia buffs, part of the effect is clearly brought back to mind. That should suffice.

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