MixRank.com – Copy Successful Ad Campaigns

  • July 4, 2011

MixRank.comThe way AdSense works means that just the slightest changes to any campaign can redound to a wildly different income. That is something most entrepreneurs learn pretty quickly, specially when contextual advertising is not just a supplement to their actual business models but their main sources of income. These entrepreneurs are known to spend a sizable amount of time testing out different ad iterations and looks in the hopes of coming up with the most lucrative campaigns they have ever known. But sometimes they have real difficulty arriving at the right configuration (IE, the one that will let them earn as much as intended). Well, that should stop being a problem now that the services of this new company can be hired.

Think of MixRank as a sort of AdSense spy that can tell you exactly how your (more successful) competitors are arranging and deploying their campaigns. This web service can analyze the way in which they are choosing to have their ads displayed, and also where they are buying their traffic from, so that you can follow in their steps. In this way, replicating their successes is turned into a task that is much easier than trying to guess just why some companies are ahead of yours when you are actually offering a much better service.

MixRank can currently scan over 90,000 traffic sources and go through more than 265,000 advertisers. You can check the most popular ones on the site – that should be enough to get started.

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