BehindTheBurner.com – Serving Culinary Secrets

  • December 2, 2008

BehindTheBurner.comBehind the Burner is a website dedicated to offering people interested in the culinary arts a space where they can learn from the experts. On the site visitors will find a collection of tip, tricks, and techniques from true culinary connoisseurs.

The site provides expert-based educational and entertaining content including videos and articles that are coupled with commerce specials that are sure to please anyone interested in fine cuisine.

Many of the food media sites on the internet are inundated with user generated content for recipes and amateur opinions for restaurant reviews. At BehindTheBurner.com users get only expert-based content. The site provides more than plain old video recipes. Here you’ll learn from those who are authorities in the field.

The site gives people instant access to culinary experts they would never have access too otherwise. Better yet, it even allows them to buy tools and ingredients that the experts recommend at a discount for a short promotional period so they can feel like a gourmand themselves.


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