Provincialpaper.com – Wholesale Packaging Materials & Shipping Supplies Distributor – Toronto Ontario Canada

  • March 31, 2008

Provincial Paper & Packaging Canada is a wholesale distributor of packaging materials, shipping supplies and industrial products. We are industry supply experts that provide brand name industrial supplies to businesses that order in large volumes.

Our services include consulting which involves reviewing a customers operation and providing supply solutions that reduce costs, increase efficiency and performance. For those clients who want to reduce their environmental impact, we have supply and operation solutions that can meet this objective with most cost effective and competitive supplies and systems. Examples of popular packaging, shipping and industrial supply product lines include: bubble wrap, pallet wrap, shrink film, stretch wrap, vci packaging, vci paper, vci stretch film, vci hand wrap, vci machine film, vci boxes, silica gel desiccants, clay desiccants, corrugate boxes, water activated tape, gummed paper tape, kraft sealing tape, packaging tape, 3M tape, freezer tape, boxing making tape, specialty tape, custom printed tape, shipping labels, ship to labels, laser labels, warning labels, fragile labels, made in canada labels, magnetic labels, laser labels sheets, ink jet labels, warehouse labels, insertable label holders, clear plastic label holders, floor label systems, metal label holders, shelf label holders, warehouse label holders, warehouse sign making kits, reusable label holders, safety gloves, goggles, anti fatigue mats, adhesives, abrasives, deicing products, environment friendlier road salt alternatives, environment friendly packaging, eco friendly industrial supplies, recyclable packaging products, reusable packaging products, biodegradable packaging products (ex:biodegradable plastic bags), greener packaging supplies eco friendly adhesives, and environment friendly system solutions.

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