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MssionTour.org – Virtual Tour Of California Missions

  • April 5, 2008

MssionTour.orgHave you always wanted to visit the California Missions but for some reason you weren’t able to do so? Well, now is your opportunity to know what the Mission locations are about, as Missiontour.org will guide you through an online tour of the California Missions.

Complete descriptions are provided on the site regarding each of the missions as well as pictures; the combination of both will make your online traveling experience a memorable one. Once you enter the site you see a map, which locates every Mission and a list is displayed on the left of the map in which Missions are listed from North to South. Click on the Mission you would like to find information on so as to get the history, description, pictures, maps, etc. concerning the Mission you chose. If you have always wanted to visit the Missions and would like to go on an online tour through them, you should visit the site and do so. MssionTour.org

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