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DogDetective.com – Lost And Found Dogs

  • April 9, 2008

DogDetective.comHelp yourself find Missy and help save some trees by visiting this site, which is nothing but a database of lost and found dogs. The idea is very simple but because of that very powerful: to set up a network of people who might find a lost dog because of the kind of work they do, like being a vet, working in a shelter, a kennel, a law-enforcement agency, or just being a volunteer.

In order to post a missing alert, users have to create an account, and once they have, an alert goes on to all the subscribers of DogDetective.com, who will take care of getting in touch with the pet owner to give it back. The service is open for people from around the world, though for the time being it seems to be very big in south US. Don’t freak out thinking that if you decide to subscribe you’ll get information on lost doggies in Malaysia and France, because you won’t: since 32% of the dogs that are lost are found within 10 miles of their homes, the system works mainly by zones: you can subscribe to receive alerts in any area you want, and of course can choose as many areas as you want. If you take a look at the ‘Solved Cases’ area, you’ll see that you will be doing some great help: lots of people are using this service and getting their pets back all the time. You can also use the service to report stolen animals, and the site puts together stats and reports on the breeds that get lost and stolen more often, and also in which city it happens. DogDetective.com

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