Missing Adults


Theyaremissed.org – Missing Adults Organization

  • June 6, 2008

Theyaremissed.orgTheyaremissed.org is the official website of the National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA), a division of Nation’s Missing Children Organization (NMCO), a non profit organization working in cooperation with the US Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs.

It was formally established in the year 2000 and it operates as the national clearinghouse for missing adults. This organization provides services and coordination between various government agencies, law enforcement, media, and the families of the missing adults. At their website you can learn everything about them, their history, and services. All their latest news are posted here along with their upcoming events. Here you can browse trough their entire database of missing people’s profiles and register a missing person. In order to get all this information, you can subscribe to their email newsletter. Finally, you can find out to support them, become a volunteer, and make a donation. Theyaremissed.org

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