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How To Find Those Missed Connections

  • September 16, 2013

I’ve been obsessed with missed connections since I was a pre-teen punk rocker in upstate Vermont. Our local alternative paper has a section called I Spy that took care of the scene in my city and I was always, always hoping that my brightly dyed hair and vintage dresses paired with combat boots would earn…


Blinka.me – A Second Chance To Connect

  • July 16, 2009

Blinka.meBlinka.me allows you to “reconnect” – IE, meet people you have already met before.

Like the person you met traveling last year, or that business colleague you met at a conference but didn’t catch his details. Of course, you can likewise employ it for looking up that girl whose number you were too shy to ask for. This new service gives you a chance to finally make all those missed connections.

A user simply logs on to blinka.me and fills out his ‘moment’ – the unique time, place and details of how he met the person he wishes to reconnect with. Then other people can see moments shared at the same venue. It is even possible that your “lost” connection has already placed a moment.

When a match is found blinka.me connects both via the website, allowing you to message one another, exchange contact details and finally reconnect. You can also post a moment as “discreet”, masking your nickname and prompt users with a secret question that only your connection would know the answer to.

The uses of such a site are evident – there are contexts where exchanging details might not be suitable. In that case, you know that it would be possible to reconnect later through the website. Also, the system is quite advantageous for shy people who are always worried about being rejected in person, as they are saved any blushes since they can take procure the information safely and without feeling that exposed.

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