MissedConnected.com – Maps for MissedConnections

  • July 7, 2008

MissedConnected.comYou’ve probably read them, perhaps even posted a couple, maybe you even troll your paper hoping that someone’s missed you. Well, now there’s a whole social network dedicated to the ‘saw you at…’ phenomenon and it’s called Missedconnected.

The site employs GoogleMaps to chart out those lost connections; it doesn’t stop there though, of course—after all, a network of only missed connections probably wouldn’t fare so well. Rather, Missedconnected also allows users to organize and attend events, and to scout out and list best hangouts and places to connect, much as you would with other social networks. You can browse miss connections by location or by category, e.g. Man seeks Friend/Man/Woman etc. Other features include a search bar, news aggregation and event calendars.

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