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LynxCache.com – Make Money From Digg

  • December 24, 2007

LynxCache.comWant to make money off of Digg? Bet on stories that make the frontpage and you could generate a 25% revenue off clicked ads. How does it work? Lynxcache, a free text-only lynx-based browser provides extremely low bandwidth mirrors to sites that have been crashed by the Digg-effect.

Using LynxCache, you generate a mirror site and post it in the comments section of any front-page Digg site likely to crash. You want to get the comment as high and visible as possible. That way, when the site crashes, users can click on the LynxCache link to access the site again. If Diggers head that way and click on any of the ads, you get your 25%. The more sites you provide mirrors too, the more chance you have at earning money.

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