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  • May 22, 2008

Miramax.comHave you seen the famous Miramax logo before? You’ve probably seen the logo on film promotion banners and at the commencement of a film you are about to watch. What is Miramax? Miramax is a filming company and distributor brand that was a leading independent film motion picture distribution and promotion company.

The filming company was then acquired by The Walt Disney Company. Miramax was considered an important filming distributor a producer many years after the Walt Disney Company purchased it. The Miramax Company commenced in New York in 1979, by Bob and Harvey Weinstein. The company has made many famous films such as Pulp Fiction, Heavenly Creatures and Shakespeare in Love. If you are in search of the history of film producing then this company is one of the filming giants you should be doing research on. To find out the latest films being produced by Miramax Films and also find out more information on the famous film producing company, then head to Miramax.com right away. Miramax.com

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