Aryty.com – Help Out Your Friends

  • August 16, 2012

The website aryty.com is a resource devoted to helping loved ones who are abroad. Users on aryty.com are able to read all about the service from the literature that is provided on the website. Visitors are able to sign up with a quick and painless form, register their payment info and begin sending gifts to friends. These gifts are mobile minutes and are sent straight to the friend’s phone. You pay in advance and tell aryty.com who you would like the minutes sent to, and your loved one will receive the gift and a notice that tells them who it is from. It’s a clever way to help a friend and provide them with a great gift that can assist them while they may need extra time for their phone.

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MeetingKing.com – Plan Your Meetings

  • January 20, 2012

MeetingKing.comA tool that comes with a great range of features and at just the right price, MeetingKing is sure to let you start getting the most of all the meetings you have with your team. It lets you discuss all the items on the agenda one by one, and produce professional meeting minutes at the end of it all. And the app’s been built in a way which means that other participants don’t need to have a MeetingKing account in order to join the meeting and connect with you. And they won’t be charged a thing either, as MeetingKing is free for all invitees of meetings.

One-on-one meetings, full team meetings, board meetings, client meetings… MeetingKing is suitable for all of these. And MeetingKing stores all that’s said on a searchable database that makes it really easy to review everything you and your colleagues had agreed on.

Using MeetingKing will cost you a monthly fee of $19.95. This fee lets you invite as many people as you need to your meetings. And the application is 100% free for one-to-one meetings. You’ll only have to get a paid account if you want to have meetings with more than one person at the same time.

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LiveMinutes.com – Have More Productive Meetings

  • October 27, 2011

LiveMinutes.comLiveMinutes aims to cause a stir in the way webconferencing has always worked. As a user of this new web service, you can get in touch with all of your coworkers, and not only communicate with them using live video, but also have all kind of files instantly shared. That can be just anything – Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, audio files… It can all be shared with whomever you’re talking to. And the novel bit is that you can do it for free. Yes, that’s right. LiveMinutes allows you to have all kind of files shared with the people you are talking to. Unlike other competing services (such as Persony and Fuze Meeting) LiveMinutes doesn’t charge you per seat, per hour, per bandwidth or per anything else.

And the whole service also draws praise for how quickly you can get going. You can start a webconference without even signing up, although creating an account is a good idea if you want to keep a record of all the webconferences you’ve ever been involved with. And signing up for an account also gives you even larger file sharing options.

Since accounts come completely free, I suppose there’s nothing that would prevent you from getting one.

And just to cover all bases, I’ll mention that a future version of the service will let you pay for the kind of features that business users always look for, like being able to have everything branded.

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Minutes.io – Take Minutes Online

  • May 26, 2011

Minutes.ioSimplifying the taking and sharing of minutes is the aim of this new application, and it is an aim that it achieves with distinction. Named Minutes.io, it makes for taking notes right as the actual meeting is developing, and then having them sent to every single person who is a part of it.

The Minutes.io interface is extremely practical – new minutes are created by individualizing the names of all the people who are going to take part of the meeting, and the name of the ones who is taking the actual minutes. Then, items can be added one by one – the type can be chosen from a drop down menu (IE, to-do, idea, info?), and the name of the person responsible for each can be specified along with its due date.

This service is not only really easy to get to grips with, it is also a service that can be used absolutely at no cost, and without the need to sign up for an account first. It is all usable on the fly. So, Minutes.io is a true ad-hoc solution for the creation of minutes in every conceivable sense.

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MeetWithAgenda.com – An Easy Way To Manage Meetings

  • January 24, 2010

MeetWithAgenda.comIf you take a good look around, you will see that there are already some very complete meeting management systems available. However, some might be a bit hard to learn, and have just a feature too many.

That is something this application attempts to address, as it lets you focus on simply choosing a meeting date to go with.

That is, using Meet With Agenda you simply schedule the meeting, agree on the date and create an online meeting agenda. You then proceed to send out invitations, and receive feedback. All of this takes place online.

Once the meeting is done the agenda can easily be converted to meeting minutes. These meeting minutes can be made available online to all those who took part of the meeting for reference and/or approval.

The basic version of MeetWithAgenda can be used for free, and it is suitable for organizations of all types – from small companies to medium-sized organizations, the system is quick enough to accommodate their needs. And some new features will eventually be added – these will be available at a given cost.

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15MinuteDogTraining.com – Helping Dog Lovers

  • July 2, 2008

15MinuteDogTraining.comThis site provides a place where you can learn to train your dog in only 15 minutes per day, that doesn’t require any hitting or yelling whatsoever. Here you will be able to find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about what they provide.

In the Training section of this site you can find tips that will help you when training your dog, such as what tone of voice to use and much more. You will also find in this section a wide variety of facts about training dogs and reasons for training your dog with the use of the audio set offered in this site. If you are interested in training your dog, then you can order online the Dog Training System, which is the audio set mentioned above, that includes a bonus for free. Testimonials of people who have already tried this product are published in this site so that you can read what other people are saying about this subject. 15MinuteDogTraining.com

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Pinzoo.com – Buy Phone Minutes Online

  • June 29, 2008

Pinzoo.comIn case you want to buy international phone cards, the official website of Pinzoo will be a good site for you to visit. Pinzoo.com is useful for those who are looking for prepaid phone cards, ranging from UK calling cards and India phone cards, to Philippine phone cards and Australia calling cards. The services provided by this company give you the chance to buy international calling cards online at affordable prices.

On Pinzoo.com you will find many prepaid cell phone cards that will allow you to make international phone calls. This site is useful for people interested in buying long distance calling cards, including Verizon phone cards and T-Mobile prepaid phone cards, as well as rechargeable calling cards.

Pinzoo.com is the website you should stop by in case you want to buy prepaid cellular phone cards. Remember this site the next time you need to get a calling card at an affordable price. Pinzoo.com

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MyCommittee.com – Organize Meetings and Tasks

  • May 7, 2008

MyCommittee.comMyCommitee gives organizations and companies an online platform that walks them through the beginning to the end of meetings. MyCommitees is designed to cater to all types of organizations that have committees from, non profits to church groups to school boards.

MyCommitees gives users a great deal of tools so that you can add as many committee members as you like and give them titles and specific responsibilities. The first step is creating the committee, and then you can set up and plan meetings and tasks and invite specific members. Once you have scheduled the meeting you can create the meeting agenda by adding topics and allotting a specific amount of time for each topic. You can event create the minutes for the meeting. Once the meeting is over you can review the agenda and minutes and create tasks and an action plan for the committee. You can store and share files with MyCommitees and there are different plans that cater to organizations of different sizes. Keep your committee organized by using MyCommitees.com.

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RingBranch.com – Free Back Door Dialing

  • March 28, 2008

RingBranch.comLooking for a way to save some cellphone pennies? Want to expand your Circle of friends or MyFaves without having to expand your wallet? RingBranch can do this for you for free. RingBranch falls under the rubric of loophole call connection services that allows you to make calls throughout the US and Canada for free.

Simply sign up and enter your phone information (you can list 3 phones in total) along with the numbers of your friends and family. You can enter up to 100 contacts. Once you’re set up, RingBranch offers you 1000 inbound or outbound minutes. It works like this—you call your provided RingBranch number from one of your designated phones, and the Personal Auto-Attendant and call forwarding service will connect you with any of your 100 contacts. It’s that easy. IT’s in beta now and probably won’t be free for long so get it while you can.

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MyTata.net – Time Management Assistant

  • October 25, 2007

MyTata.netWhere does the time go? From the time you wake up and think of all you have to do during the day to the time you fall into bed exhausted, do you really know how you’ve spent your time? It is likely that either you miraculously got all of your work and errands done, or unfortunately you managed to achieve nothing and you wonder why. Mytata.

net is a very simple program designed to track how individuals or small business spend their time. Users can register for free as either students or small business and start right away by recording the ‘activity at hand.’ All that is asked is for users to type in the activity and then note when they finish. Notes and tags can be added to help the users remember what they were doing when looking back at the log. The program will save this information and create a daily log of activities and time spent on each one. After updating the log for about a week, users can look over how their time was spent and decide what changes should be made to increase productivity.

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bOknow.com – FREE Calls on your Cell Phone!!!

  • June 22, 2007

Who will you bOk today? The question sounds a little perverted, though I promise it’s not. bOk is a cheap, convienient and sexy way to lower your cellphone bill.

Most of us have to live with the fact that we can only talk for about 100 minutes a day. If you’re my little brother, who only uses his cellphone as an alarm clock and a calculator, that shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you are like most people who are left staring blankly at your cellphone bill at the end of each month, wondering how you went over your minutes yet again, bOk can help solve that problem. BOk allows you, brace yourself, to call anyone in the US or Canada for free at any time, anywhere. All you have to do is text your friend’s number to bOk and in a few seconds, they’ll call you back and you will hear your phone ring. That’s the beautiful sound of a free cellular connection between you and your friend.

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Whosetime.com – It´s About Time

  • May 27, 2007

Whosetime.comAurigo is a business management and software development company. Enter Aurigo.com to find information about their products and services, including project management software and project planning technology services. Besides, you can find software for construction management projects. What is more, this company also provides you with business process consulting services.

Are you looking for business and technology solutions for your company projects? You just have to visit Aurigo.com. On this site you will find data on the software and outsourcing services provided by this company, including construction management solutions. In addition, you can ask these consulting experts for business process and project planning services.

Whether you need project management software or construction management services, Aurigo.com might be of help. Check this site out, so you will learn more more about its global services, including technology services and project planning solutions. What is more, you can get company news and take a look at some projects.

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