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  • July 22, 2009

MintyFreshCMS.comMinty Fresh is defined by its creators as a new system for the management and control of any online business. It aims to be a very comprehensive solution, and its usage is not circumscribed to one type of website alone.

Rather, it can be employed when it comes to e-commerce stores of every kind, specializing in products far and wide. The sites can have as many pages as the user wishes (this includes blogs), and aspects such as the online making of appointments can be dealt with forthright.

Besides, the company can take care of SEO considerations when in t comes to your site. This way, the whole specter is covered, from the actual hosting of files to providing the site with the necessary visibility for making it turn into a viable financial proposition.

There are three plans to choose from, and additional modules are provided as well. This has the advantage of letting you focus on what matters to you, and avoid purchasing a full package that might include modules that are irrelevant, either because they add nothing to your intended business model or because you have got those bases already covered. Moreover, you can even contact the team in order to request a full and personalized degree of customization.

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