More – Virtual World For Children

  • June 24, 2011

MiniMonos.comParents in the 21st Century are faced with the big challenge of making their children become acquainted with technology at the earliest possible age, and at the same time protect them from the many hazards and dangers that something as social as the current Internet implies. There is no foolproof way to tackle that challenge, but sites like MiniMonos stand as one of the healthiest and safest platforms for small children who want to know what the Internet is all about.

At its most basic level, MiniMonos is an online game that lets children immerse themselves in a virtual world and have fun with other children who are their very same age. They can play together and solve all kinds of challenges, and as it is only fit for a site of this nature all of these challenges have actually got an educational value to them. Children will learn something important about the world they live in by playing them, as well as begin developing finer communication skills in the process. And the featured EcoMonkey Program actually provides kids with in-world rewards for real-world eco-actions.

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