More – Build a Virtual Home

  • February 17, 2008

CyWorld.comCyworld is a Korean networking site that allows you to build a virtual home. Users of the site can design their own virtual homes, they can add, photos, stories, artwork, and documents.

It is a very interesting page that allows people to be creative. Once you created your story and home vistors will first see your Cover Story, which is a profile with information about who you are, how you feel, and related issues. Moreover, members may also create a Minime; these are avatars which can be changed or updated as often as the user wants to. In a virtual home the user can outfit a virtual room with virtual carpets, rugs, wall papers, and decor. Each home shows user stats, such as popularity, activity and friendliness. The more decked out and stylized your room is, the more popular you´ll get. In addition, to make the site better Cyworld has teamed up with Eyespot which is a video editing site, so that Cyworld users can upload, share and modify their videos. New features include special effects, slow motion, cross-fading, and also coloring.

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