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More – Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

  • February 2, 2009

Tweet3.comIn a nutshell, Tweet3 is a client for managing more than one Twitter account at the same time. Using this new solution, those who have a hectic tweeting schedule will be able to keep everything on track and jump from one profile to the other.

Some features that should be at least mentioned include a URL shortening service and full Facebook integration. The former is a true necessity when it comes to tweeting, and any self-proclaimed Twitterer that does not use such a service is obviously not employing Twitter as it should be used. For its part, the Facebook integration tool makes for posting updates only when you choose. As it is pointed out online, too many tweets can clutter up your account, and that is why it is good to choose what to post and what to keep to yourself.

Moreover, a “Minified Tweet Mode” is included. This makes for viewing more than one tweet at once, and for the time being it is available only as an option in Tweet3 Labs. That is also the place to submit ideas and suggestions, so that if you think there is something sorely missing when it comes to Twitter you have a chance to voice your feelings and redress the situation.

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