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  • June 30, 2008

SuicideDoors.comSpecializing in Mini Truck modifications, is the way to go not only to purchase your supplies and tools, but to find instructions to get them fitted.

They also sell apparel and accessories which will make a nice gift. While users can take a look at extensive image galleries where to get some inspiration for new projects, they can’t be viewed as slideshows, and the pictures should include information on the modification on the mini truck and a list of products used to get that overall effect, in order to make it easier for customers to shop by ‘look’ instead of by product, which in turn would make it easier for inexpert audiences to become acquainted with the terms and specs of mini truck modifications. The how-to section is impressively thorough, providing a general introduction (with rather sexist remarks) and then text and image tutorials: it would be nice for the site to add a materials/tools checklist to make it easier for users to get everything together before starting. On the good side, note that the product pages include useful information and images, and that a shipping calculator allows users to determine how much they’ll get charged for delivery on the contents of their shopping cart before providing payment information.

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