WikiMindmap.org – Make a Mindmap of Wikis

  • February 17, 2008

WikiMindmap.orgInspired by the mindmap technique, WikiMindmap.org allows users to search Wikipedia in a faster way by generating a visual diagram for their search, which sets in the center the search term, and derives from it other topics addressed in the wiki article, which in turn can be set as the axis of the search.

When looking for a specific topic, try using the searchbox on top of the app to have a specific search term highlighted, and when moving your mouse over the search results you get to read the first couple of lines of the article, to quickly check if it is what you were looking for. WikiMindmap.org works for the several Wikipedia western language versions: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Indonesian as the only Asian one for the time being.

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MindMeister.com – Think Together

  • May 3, 2007

MindMeister.comMindMeister is a great tool the next time you want to brainstorm and get all of your thoughts down on “paper”. It´s a mind mapping tool that makes it easy to add items, color code them, organize them, and just keep track of your ideas.

Collaborating on new projects is easy with MindMeister. You can share versions of your mind maps, keep updated through emails or SMS to your phone via Twitter, check out the various drafts of the mind map, and even brainstorm in real-time without the hassle of having to reload the page to see updates. If you want to talk to your fellow mind mapper, you can easily dial them up through Skype. So the next time you need a space to brainstorm about a project or a problem, get all of your thoughts down to see and organize them clearly using MindMeister.

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