Mimidoo.com – Share Pictures Of Your Baby

  • September 8, 2010

Mimidoo.comMimidoo is an iPhone app for parents that want to share images of their newborns with family and friends in a secure but highly-appealing setting. In principle, Mimidoo will let them create a page that can be seen by those they grant permission to only.

This page can include all the photos that they fancy, and new ones can be added right away – all cute photos that they take from that point onwards will be displayed into this page. And each and every photo that is added can include a short comment along the lines of “Isn’t our little princess lovely?”. This is done in an easy way, too – all that the parent has to do for a description to be added is to tap on the image once it has been uploaded to the page.

As an application, Mimidoo works with all iPhones and iPod Touches running version 3.0 software or later. If you want to know more, you are well-advised to check the demonstration that is provided on the site – it is as clear as it gets.

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