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More – Milk Is Poison

  • June 11, 2008

NotMilk.comDo you love your dairy products? Do you love your milk? Like a nice fresh glass of mil in the morning to wake up? Do you enjoy a nice warm cup of milk in the afternoon to get you to sleep quickly? If you enjoy your milk and you like to look after your health, you need to get to the website that talks most about milk and milk related products. The website is called NotMilk.

com. contains all kinds of information on why you shouldn’t consume milk. Did you know that milk contains poisonous substances for your body? Did you know that if you drink enough milk that you could get cancer? If you’re worried about your health and you would like to know the many things that milk can do to you, get to now. contains articles that will interest anyone who enjoys dairy products on a daily basis. Log on to and find out why milk can be so bad for you.

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