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  • April 21, 2009

MilestonePlanner.comMilestone Planner is a solution that aims to let any team organize itself, and agree on the different tasks at hand so that every single one is taken care of in due time. The system makes for the creation of workstreams as well as the setting down of milestones.

A timeline that can be pasted into the document or presentation is likewise accounted for.

When it comes to the addition of milestones to any existing workstream, the process is as simple as possible, and once a milestone has been set down and the one who is responsible for it is individualized, it can be moved at will along the timeline just by dragging it around. Milestones also bear a color that is used to showcase the possible issues and risks at play. The actual progress of the project itself bears a related colored code that will let you know how everything is taking shape, and take any necessary measures to get everything in track.

This solution is not only free to use, but a demo can be tried out without the need to sign up beforehand or submit information of any kind. If you like it, just sign up for an account and see if this web-based app delivers the goods or not.

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