More – Measure The Miles You Have Traveled

  • July 4, 2011

TripsQ.comThis is a service not everybody will find handy. The only people who will derive some real uses from it are those who are always traveling, and who spend a reasonable part of their time at airports at that. Basically, what TripsQ can do is to keep count of the times one checks in at such locations, and then track the miles he has traveled like that. Using that information, the service can produce a list of all his trips (complete with itineraries), and highlight how many miles/km the person has traveled in any given month. And TripsQ can even measure the climate impact of the traveler by letting him figure out how much CO2 he has produced during his trips

That is the service as it stands right now. Some features which are meant to be implemented soon will include being able to learn what people who have previously checked at the same airport that you have done in order to maximize their stays at these cities, and also to track some lifestyle variables such as how many miles you have walked, and how much weight you have put on/lost. When these are rolled in, then the service will invariable enlarge its appeal to people who are not frequent travelers.

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More – Manage Your Frequent Flyer Miles

  • December 15, 2010

GoMiles.comThe suitably-titled GoMiles is where frequent travellers will be able to keep track of the miles that they have accumulated. This is accomplished via a centralized dashboard that will let them see all the programs that they are a part of, and how far they still are to go in order to reap some tangible results.

Moreover, users of GoMiles are enabled to see exactly when their miles are going to expire. And the moment they realize that they indeed have a fair share of miles unused, they can proceed to find the best spots these could take them through the site. A search engine is provided, and it will let them figure out where their miles can take them right away.

In actuality, this site lets users track the miles that have been accumulated not only by them but also by their whole families. Users of GoMiles are enabled to have multiple accounts displayed at once (one for each family member), and see everything side to side.

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More – Hot Desls And Miles

  • July 7, 2008

HotDealz.comIf you are planning your next vacations already, you might need to start looking for a flying ticket. For getting a great deal you know you need to anticipate a bit and not wait to the very last minute.

At you will find lots of deals and flight ticket offers you might find interesting. On the main page of the web site there is a chart on the left side containing offers directory, community, resources, etc. Within the offers directory you will see free airline miles, deals and bargains, credit cards deals, Telecom miles, shopping miles, etc. on the top of the webpage there are some links, like: credit card hot deals, miles hot deals, shopping hot deals, etc. This latter include mobile, broadband, and internet services deals. If you want to save some money either at the internet services or at your flight tickets, check out this site.

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FreeSpiritMasterCard.Com – Free Spirit MasterCard

  • June 9, 2008

FreeSpiritMasterCard.ComThe Free Spirit MasterCard enables you to earn up to 50,000 bonus miles. By getting this credit card you will get a lot of benefits.

You will earn 15,000 bonus miles with the first purchase, and up to 10,000 bonus miles on balance transfers. You gain elite status, three miles for every $1 spent on Spirit, two mile for every $1 spent on everyday purchases at select merchants, and 1 mile for every $1 spent everywhere else. You will also get 0% intro APR on balance transfers, $69 annual fee waived for the first year, and complimentary $9 fare club membership. You can apply online by filling the form located at the Apply Now button. If you want to learn more bout the legal and paper work related to this credit card, just visit the terms and conditions and the privacy policy categories, both located at the bottom of the homepage. FreeSpiritMasterCard.Com

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AmeriHostInn.Com – AmeriHost Inn And Suites

  • May 30, 2008

AmeriHostInn.ComAmeriHost Inn strives to enhance your overall experience by providing consistent quality and first-rate service at all AmeriHost Inn and AmeriHost Inn & Suites hotels. This hotel feature a large indoor pool and whirlpool at most locations, delicious, complimentary continental breakfast, alarm clock radio, in-room coffee service, microwave, mini-fridge, hairdryer, iron, and the ability to earn valuable Wyndham Rewards points, air miles or rail points.

At the top of the homepage you will find some categories that will help you browse the website. These categories are Home, Hotels & Reservations, Special Offers, and Wyndham Rewards. You can use the quick search to find a hotel with their best rate. All you have to do is place some information such as destination, country, check-in, check-out, number of rooms’ guests per room, rate plan, and a few more. Learn more about the double points or air miles, and the special discounts at the special offers category. AmeriHostInn.Com

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More – United Mileage Plus Mall

  • May 21, 2008

Mponlinemall.comWould you like to be able to shop in the most important stores and earn miles for United Airlines at the same time? Now you can do it! Earn miles for every dollar spent on your everyday purchases! Start every shopping trip at the Mileage Plus Mall to earn miles for your next trip! Visit the website to see which the participating stores are. Everything you need, you can find here, no need to move from your home.

You can shop by store or by category. Some of these categories include; apparel and accessories, books and magazines, electronics, entertainment, gourmet foods, as well as health and beauty products, home and garden, kids and toys, jewelry, office supplies, pets and much more. If you like this site, you can bookmark it as a favourite and make it your destination point for all your shopping trips to earn miles on your daily purchases.

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More – US Airways Miles MasterCard

  • May 20, 2008

MostMiles.comFor a limited time, Barclays Bank is offering a MasterCard credit card which allows users to earn miles to travel on US Airways. Unlike most of the credit card signup sites, which request an invitation, you can go on to fill in the form and see if you can get approved for the card directly online.

The site advertises two similar cards: they are both good to use around the world, and you get a substantial bonus prize for signing up, only one has an annual fee to it, and the other one is free (and has fewer benefits); all the details on interest rates and cost of the cards can be found under the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link. Other than being more comfortable, signing up online has its perks: users will get 10 free issues of Time magazine as well. The application form is considerably short, and allows users to sign up for an additional card; once they’ve completed and submitted the form, the site checks it and informs the user whether she is applicable for the card or not, and if the outcome is positive, the user confirms the card request and presto: start shopping and flying.

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More – Online Travel Reward Program

  • April 17, 2008

Asiamiles.comAsia Miles is a free membership travel reward program. Miles are earned either by flying with a partner airline (for business or pleasure), or by quoting your membership number or presenting your membership card at reservation.

When you fly in a partner airline you will earn miles based on the class you traveled in. Obviously, the class that produces the most points is First Class, followed by Business Class. Premium Economy Class and Economy Class also generate miles, but to a lesser extent in relation to the aforementioned classes. On the other hand, you can convert the points you have earned with a different existing program to Asia Miles. There are also earning offers which let you accrue bonus miles. The site features a list of partner airlines, and an Airline Earn Calculator which lets you know how many miles you are going to earn straightaway. A service desk menu allows you to keep your profile up to date, and keep track of the miles earned so far along many other options of interest.

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LoyaltyMatch: Turn Frequent Flier Miles into Cash

  • February 20, 2008 is the first and only place where frequent flier/loyalty program points and miles can be converted into cash.

That’s good news for all the frustrated loyalty program members who can never seem to find what they really want. Now they can get cash to buy airline seats, they can pay off debt or just use the money to have some fun. They can also shop for thousands of items that they can buy or for which they can trade with other members. People who are not members of any loyalty programs can also shop on the site.

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More – Fasten your belt for United Mileage Plus

  • February 16, 2008

UALmiles.comIf you are a United Airlines Frequent Flyer you must be familiar with this website and with one of the largest mileage benefits within the airline industry. For those who want to take advantage of this wonderful invention, the miles, start packing and fasten your seatbelt because you are one step ahead of enjoying the great benefits of being a UAL frequent flyer.

Between more 3300 flights a day, with more than 855 destinations in 155 countries worldwide, this is the right place to take off and land wherever you have dreamed to be. Within this website you will find accurate and updated information on United Airlines several frequent flyer programs such as Personal Miles, Give Miles, Reward Miles and detailed tips to help you manage and transfer your miles from our account to another if you wanted to share your miles with friends or family members. Once again, fasten your seatbelt and prepare yourself for the best landings of your life.

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More – Web Community for Web Pros

  • August 25, 2007

Who-s-web.comWho’s Web is an excellent way for web professionals to be a part of a community where their talents can be accessed by other web pros and those in search of web pros. The site is based on a Google map search, where you can enter in a city or zone and see a list of people and events in the area.

The locations are tagged on the map and exact directions are available. If a city search does not provide the right results you can improve the search by expanding the mileage of the area. With every search members can view the people and events and their specific purpose. For example, when searching “New York City” the right side of the page lists members and their specific area of expertise. Who’s Web is the new and improved version of The differences are that the new version is “two to three times faster” and has a new slick design that is easier to navigate. Additionally, to stay updated there is an RSS feed that notifies members of new subscriptions, tools, and events. Looking towards the future, Who’s Web is planning to provide a custom RSS feed to find out who is joining the site in your own area.

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Flyertalk – Frequent Flyer Community

  • July 15, 2007

FlyertalkAre you a frequent flyer? Are you a mileage addict? Want to know how to acquire miles without actually flying? If this is the case, this site will perfectly suit you. Flyer Talk is an interactive community dedicated to your favorite topic: frequent flyer miles.

That’s right: all miles, all the time. Flyer Talk features discussions and chat boards that covers the most up-to-date traveler information. Even better, all travelers – from vacation travelers to mileage junkies – are welcome in the community. Just enroll and you can start chatting about programs, how to make the most of your miles and points, general travel, airports, destination and dining information. Forums are grouped by category – In “Miles & Points” you’ll find only topics that are about frequent flyer programs, in “Travel & Dining” topics for discussing travel issues, food and drink, in “Special Interest Travel” forums dedicated to women travelers, traveling with children, disability travel, and religious travelers, and finally “Community Forums” allows users to meet and discuss all things community-related. Extra features include: blogs, a book club, calendars, newsletters, photo gallery, postcards, recipes, a town hall and a live chat. You can even buy Flyer Talk’s merchandise at their online store.

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