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  • February 3, 2009

Milabra.comA company that has been established recently, Milabra offers a wide range of image services that combine proprietary hardware with artificial intelligence in order to give both individuals and corporations a set of solutions of its own.

The site lists the many uses this technology can be put to, and it is interesting to try and mention as many as we can within this short space.

To begin with, the image services available can be used by adults to monitor and prevent the little ones from coming across inappropriate content.

There is also a face recognition tool that is accompanied by an index which enables any company or individual to recognize people when a new photo is uploaded. This way, visitors can be screened for security purposes.

On a different note, a face search recognition tool can be employed by those who wish to find people that resemble celebrities. These tools can even be employed to prevent frauds and put an end to those claiming to be a celebrity.

These are just a couple of notable services from a list that is worth perusing. You are advised to visit in order to find out more, and see which services can benefit you best.

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