Mikestar.com – For People Who Love Singing

  • June 12, 2010

Mikestar.comMikestar can be aptly termed an online karaoke platform that will let you grab a mike and sing into the early hours when you and your friends are shooting the breeze. In actuality, this platform equally accommodates individual singers and those who feel competitive enough to engage other people into singing tournaments (or “battles” as they are called on the site).

The social aspect of Mikestar is one of its most remarkable achievements, since you can record yourself as you are performing and proceed to upload the resulting audio file for other members of the community to comment and rate.

This means that in addition to letting you get any party going, Mikestar can be employed by aspiring musicians that want to hone their singing skills. The can simply record their take on any song that they feel is representative of their vocal skills and submit it for others to analyze. They can also record a song that they want to master and ask for help, of course. And the fact that the whole site is free to use in each and every case simply makes it a less expensive alternative to taking classes.

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