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10 Tips For Migrating Your Startup Data To The Cloud

10 Tips For Migrating Your Startup Data To The Cloud

Migrating data can be a mess, and you’ll always want to make sure you have plenty of copies of your work saved elsewhere in case something incredibly wrong happens with the migration. It’s a bit scary trusting the cloud initially. What makes me sleep better at night is having a redundant backup on a ReadyNAS…

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A new data migration service, ShuttleCloud is sure to let any company that is changing its name or merging with another company have the necessary information exported in a fast and reliable way. Users of this web service cans effortlessly switch Google Apps domains and transfer Google docs, contacts and calendars. And they can also have all their emails migrated in just two or three clicks. ShutleCloud lets users transfer emails...

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Huddler is a white-label solution that can be used to turn any forum into a fully-fledged community. By using Huddler, all the data that has already been exchanged by users can proceed to be migrated and then fortified by features such as reviews, wikis and an enhanced search tool. Also, the aesthetics of the forum itself are completely overhauled. In that sense, it can be said that Huddler gives sites a complete facelift that is...

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