MightyText.net – SMS On Your Computer

  • August 5, 2011

MightyText.netMightyText is a really ingenious service that will let you sync your Android phone with your computer, and both send and receive text messages there. When using MightyText, you’ll be able to know who’s calling you at all times and you will also be able to access all your missed calls at once. And you’ll be able to do all that completely for free, as MightyText can be downloaded and used without any kind of fees being charged.

To all intents and purposes, a service like this one means that forgetting your phone will no longer be a problem. You’ll be getting all the messages which are being put your way right on the computer that you use at your office, or the one that you have at home. And you’ll be able to answer them in kind. Your “real” mobile phone number is what people will see. Nobody could ever tell you’re messaging them from a computer instead of your handset.

You’ll need an Android phone with 2.2 (or higher) to use MightyText. And you must be running Chrome on your computer; that’s the one browser which is supported.

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