MightyMeeting.com – Take Your Presentations With You

  • January 23, 2010

MightyMeeting.comA tool that takes the inherent power and flexibility that smartphones have, Mighty Meeting will empower you to collect your presentations in your mobile and unleash them at conference talks, webinars, business lunches and related events. That is, you will have full access to something akin to a private library of presentations just by keeping your mobile at hand.

Presentations in both Microsoft Office and PDF formats are already supported.

Presentations themselves can be either uploaded online or forwarded from your email account. Once they are part of the MightyMeeting database, they will be indexed for added convenience. They can likewise be tagged in order to be retrieved more easily.

Such a tool can be employed both by the ones who have iPhones and Androids, and it will be a suitable resource not only for entrepreneurs and business people on the whole but also for every single person who has to pitch or present anything – lawyers, students, scientists… the list is as long as you can imagine.

In finishing, this is quite a useful app to have around. It is a definitive development in terms of facilitating collaboration among people, and for conveying of any product’s qualities in the best light – IE, the one that you (as the developer) have intended. Signing up comes at no cost, and it is dealt with in just a couple of minutes, so that if you want to see if MightyMeeting will click with you or not just pay the site a quick visit.

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