Midtowncomics.com – Buy Comics Online

  • July 3, 2008

Midtowncomics.comSet your browser to the Midtown Comics website if you are keen on comics and related media such as graphic novels. The site acts as an online comics store, and the featured products can be accessed on the main page.

The latest releases are prominently featured for additional convenience. In addition to comics and graphic novels you can browse through items such as action figures, cards and apparel. A “Top 25” section lists the most popular products among the buying public. Checklists are featured online so that comics adepts can see where they stand. Gift cards can also be purchased in order to give that special one a pleasant surprise. On the other hand, shipping and handling information is clearly specified, and orders that amount to more than 75 US$ are eligible for free shipping. Pre-orders can also be placed online. Lastly, a newsletter that lists the latest additions to the catalog is available. Registration is inexpensive, and if you want to receive it in your inbox all you have to do is furnish your e-mail address when prompted. Midtowncomics.com

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