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Medieval-castle-siege-weapons.com – Become A Knight

  • May 29, 2008

Medieval-castle-siege-weapons.comThis is Medieval-castle-siege-weapons.com, the medieval enthusiasts’ number one resource for medieval warfare.

The site is fulfilled with medieval time’s information on siege weapons, castles, melee and range weapons, armor, knights and much more. This site contains over 100 pages of medieval information based on research, knowledge, and passion for the medieval era. It focuses on medieval castles (pictures and floor plans) and the ingenious siege engines (particularly the catapult and trebuchet) that were used to attack medieval castles. This site also provides a great middle age pictures resource which includes pictures of medieval knights, medieval weapons and more. A tip to navigate through this vast page is to check the site map, to avoid getting lost in the Middle Age. Check every resource of Medieval-castle-siege-weapons.com by clicking the links in the column on the left hand side of your screen. Experience how it feels to be a virtual medieval knight for a while. Medieval-castle-siege-weapons.com

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